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  1. Yeah I like to use two screens aswell, but if not you could always go over to the add-ons forum here and get an mtama script so you can do the admin functions from within the game.
  2. from memory, the way I like to use to convert *.txt to *.mrc is by simply renaming the file to that but first you have to unhide the extentions which I believe is done by clicking on tools > Folder Options > Advanced tab then look in the list for "Hide file extentions" or summit like that and untick the box > click ok button, then it'll show extentions for everything. *.mrc is used for mIRC scripts / mtama so thats what needs to be loaded. Also, heres code for your command on *:SIGNAL:mta.command: { if (!test1 == $3) { mta.text $1 testesttest??? }
  3. =TmM= DuffBeer


    Easy, go on really early in the morning when the server has less players. I would'nt really count DM maps.
  4. Admin vote enable? like a one off vote menu which will appear when an admin feels appropriate (such as when all the alive players are afk or just "freeroaming".)
  5. Yes, the MTA Remote Admin.exe has a entry box which requires the same password used in the config to connect successfully for that server. Change myadminpassword to whatever you like (and its best for public servers), then run the server again and it should have taken affect. Once connected with that tool, you should see the chat from within the game, and also a listing of players with other controls. Theres a good documentation for it all http://www.mtasa.com/docu/index.php/Main_Page
  6. Do you get any errors in the status window within mirc when it occurs. Could be a missing closing tag or something.
  7. ahoy there dealer, ain't seen you around for a while now, how you been?
  8. Assuming you have editted the script, Have a quick ctrl+f on the script for the text " mta.kick $1 $2 " , and compare it, and the code around it with the original script. Repeat untill theres no more instances which is only two by default I believe. Script probably thinks he is posing as admin or something.
  9. Good good. Nice blog post there, unfortunate about data loss if any, I myself must have had two hard drives blow up on me the past few months, one recently, the other, litterally went up into white smoke!
  10. I did'nt think it could query the maps out of game.
  11. Same here, I just wish mine had four shoulder buttons instead of 2 so it'd be more like ps2.
  12. Here is the game monitor page for it, cops and robbers gets played quite a lot. http://www.game-monitor.com/GameServer/ ... 160:22008/ Its said, that it is something they do not intend to do with race. Would be nice if that was reconsidered
  13. If I wanted to echo the chat within the mtama dialog to a IRC channel, could I just use the same code as used for mtama mta:VC previously or would there be modifications required for SA use. Duff
  14. Interesting, I'll certainly take a look (and listen) in.
  15. Nice one, works grand. /me makes tweaks to it.
  16. Forgot about this thread, nice bump deejee Well, to me, it does'nt really feel like I've left the mta game, as I've kept looking in on mta from time-to-time Thanks for the warm welcome back messages folks, and hopefully we'll have some fun clan matches like back in VC (yes, even when it got a tad mad.)
  17. Nice stuff, although, it sounds insecure to me, does it log IP as I don't want some muppet playing with my name and messing around with the server. That or a password is ace.
  18. Heli Fraggers too. Grr! Oh, lots of car killers in that destruction derby one aswell, how very lama of people.
  19. Good, thanks Jeremy Although, Add the $1 parameter behind the mta.text and then it works a treat.
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