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  1. I think the internet browser provides more detailed information.you can also see which resource other players are having trouble with.Use option and press 'd' .
  2. you need to use performanceBrowser to see which function is wrong.open your internet browser and try this : http://serverip:port/performancebrowser/ >>>>> (Enter the your server ip and port number.) this page will ask you for a username and password.you will write the account information you use on the server. Everythink you need in this link : https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Resource:Performancebrowser
  3. local screenW, screenH = guiGetScreenSize() function EXP_HUD(myexp) local exp = getElementData( localPlayer, "ZR_EXP" ) dxDrawText( tostring(exp) , screenW/2, screenH/2, screenW/2, screenH/2, tocolor( 255,255,255,255 ), 1, "bankgothic", "center", "center" ) end addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, EXP_HUD) addEvent( "showHUD", true ) addEventHandler( "showHUD", localPlayer, EXP_HUD ) ı think this will work.
  4. Hi Tut, Yes ı looked at all the topics.they are very old or unanswered topics.ı looking for a really good performing host.
  5. Hello to everyone. I would appreciate it if friends with experience answer this topic.In the past a lot of people have opened the topic for a good host.but it's been over a lot of time and we really need help.It's hard to manage a server with zombies or peds.Because many players are getting poor performance from the server.(high ping or lowest level FPS) When we buy a host in Europe, it is a problem for players of the Americas.Likewise when we get a host from the continent of america, those in europe are having problems. Can an experienced friend recommend a good host com
  6. Mate this can't be for rpg servers.maybe its good for freeroam mode.
  7. I think he need this resource.you will see how it is used for weapons or another objects. https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources&s=details&id=11836
  8. I mean zombie is losing health but ,health bar does not go down
  9. local sX,sY = guiGetScreenSize() local sX,sY = sX*0.05,sY*0.95 font = "default-bold" function healthbar() local plr = localPlayer for k, pedsz in pairs(getElementsByType("ped", root, true)) do if getElementData(pedsz, "zombie") then target = getPedTarget(plr) if (not target) then return false end if (not getElementType(target) == "ped" ) then return false end if (not isElementOnScreen(pedsz)) then return false end dxDrawText("Zombie", sX+460, sY-627, sX+155, sY-19-(32*7), tocolor(0,0,0, 255), 1.5, font, "left", "top") dxDrawText("Zombie", sX+461.5, sY-625.5, sX+153.5, sY-17
  10. Hello, This is a simple rank tag on the players head.but how can ı destroy this tag when riding the vehicle ? this nametag needs to disappear while riding the vehicle.can someone help me ? addEventHandler( "onClientRender",root, function( ) local px, py, pz, tx, ty, tz, dist px, py, pz = getCameraMatrix( ) for _, v in ipairs( getElementsByType 'player' ) do --if(player ~= localPlayer) then tx, ty, tz = getElementPosition( v ) dist = math.sqrt( ( px - tx ) ^ 2 + ( py - ty ) ^ 2 + ( pz - tz ) ^ 2 ) if dist < 30.0 then
  11. ı downloaded gta 4 animations for my server but only local player see the animations.how can ı change local player to 'player'.ı didint put on serverside its not worked.anybody can help me ? local animTable = { ifp = {}, anims = { "abseil", "ARRESTgun", "ATM", "BIKE_elbowL", "BIKE_elbowR", "BIKE_fallR", "BIKE_fall_off", "BIKE_pickupL", "BIKE_pickupR", "BIKE_pullupL", "BIKE_pullupR", "bomber", "CAR_alignHI_LHS", "CAR_alignHI_RHS", "CAR_align_LHS", "CAR_align_RHS", "CAR_closedoorL_LHS", "DAM_armL_frmLT", "DAM_armR_frmBK", "DAM_armR_frmFT",
  12. lol ı am not lying it is not working maybe problem is my 'vehicle shop resource'
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