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  1. is the tmm server back online duffie..?? and yeah this is a bumb for the topic.. but also a question.
  2. I did had a look where you coming from, and you didn't take the midle road, you took his side and you told me to stop complaining abouth him giving us shit in the chat.I wasn't the only one present then, but I was the only one saying something abouth it.. well actualy that aint thru either, duff said something to him to. But you told me that was part of the game.. Taking shit in a game chat aint my idea of fun, I have a 60 hour job where I take shit, and in my free time I do not accept that form anyone. I didn't ask you to bann him, never did, I just askedyou to tell him that aint the way we run things round here, that's all. But that aint the point this whole mess started, the point was you not informing us abouth the things that went on. The fact you changed rocky's and my acount on the forums, to mta council, that you gave a couple of guys deputy ranks.. I don't mind shit abouth all those things you know me well enough to know that, but I do like to be informed, by you, the clanleader, instead of some new kid telling me what to do and where to stand, in a way I don't even talk to my dog. You not telling us that, made me stick to my rank, and made me even more persistance to the things I stand for. You held up the red flag by not informing us, sorta speak I did try and contact you thru pm on our forums, but you said you didn't see,, that could be so, but you also didn't reply to my msn's and my forum topic in wich I asked where the council was standing in this new game. That got no reaction.. so where else to go then to post another post on the forums..?? Aint my faulth you don't react to those msn mesagges or forum posts.. now is it..?? You deleted my acount on our forums, so you took away my sole means to discuss this there, where it belongs, and where I should have gotten the opertunity to discuss it..with out being tossed out for disagreeing with you.
  3. No one said it's over couse I left, get your fact strait. you send me a weapon cheat your self, and if you wanna call me a lier now that's fine by me.. I don'tneed to prove shit, my word is enough here.. countion a real grown up hairdresser talking.. I didn't say you did a shit job as a gang leader. And don't start complaining abouth the things we went throug because you coused most of that shit your self becouse of your atidude. Don't make me count out the times I had to come here and try and calm things down you coused. The times I stood up for you in our server.. in our forums, in here, on the eu leage forums, in ever match.. FFS your the bitch here not my misses nore me. All I did was disagree with you, and asked you why you didn't inform me for the things you changed inTmM, and this is how you reply your to your m8..?? This is how you back me up..?? Banning me from TmM forums, deleting my acount..?? deleting my post, wich contained nothing but the truth..and more important than that, they contained my opinion, your m8's opinion. And you reply to that, with a bann and a delete of those things..?? Cutting me off from my m8's, guys I have been playing alongside with for over a year now..?? Just becuase your to thick headed to admit your wrong here and not me..?? Fuck you man.. I don't want anything to do with you any more, I made one mistake m8 your right abouth that.. A mis judgement abouth you being a m8 of me.. Maybe if you payed me to to come and visit you, or bribe me in anyother way I would stillb e kissing your ass right now. Done talking to you dude.. thanks for the fun times, and thanks for letting me know the way you treat your m8's..!!! You seem to think your words will get you respect and make people follow your leadership..??? Wake up dude, your just full of shit, and you seem to be the only one that doesn't see that.
  4. lol havent visit these forums for ages.. and I see nothing changed.. insults and rants..
  5. thanks dan.. think I am kinda outta line here.. I did post the truth, but I don't think this is the place for it, sorry for that.
  6. that's what I thought.. but it was stil somewhere.. giving me almost the same result as you have now.. my pc would disconect after leaving it to be for mor than 1 hour.. so no activety for 1 hour..--> disconect only to reconect again after start up.. so try a registry cleaner.. becuase my suspicion is on that zone alarm bitch aswell..
  7. only problem with that is that mtama auto updates to the latest version.. so in my case I did a reinstall of every game related thing on my pc, including mtama.. and I don't want the first release, I want the one with out the blacklist, but just updating to that one is imposible. This list should be an option to switch of and on, and I don't think Aeron should have the sole power to add people, not that I know anyother way of putting people in charge of that position. Think the way we used to do it was a good way, distibuting ip's of know cheaters amongst admins, let them decide what to do with it. So my suggestion would be releasing an mtama with out the blacklist, or atleast an option to turn it off.
  8. try it oli.. it did in our script.. and that was just the same..
  9. hhmm please do tell me who is using that.. try noting the following !note $mta.kick(1,1) or ban or slap or what ever alias and then hit !notes... so this is a securety hazard.. if you get my drift
  10. Like I said I do thank him even if I don't believe in him.. so that would mean I realy don't wanna live in the USA .. so much I would thank a person who aint even real in my thoughts.. but your moving this topic to religion now.. and I don't think this forum want's a relegion based discusion.
  11. I do watch the national news.. in the Netherlands.. and mostly there is story's abouth us soldiers getting killed in afganistan of in iraq. not only US soldiers, but our men are there to, getting killed for a reason I don't see. Bush started that war without the big "go ahead" from the UN, hell Germany and France said NO, but still bush invaded that country. And all those deads to takedown 1 person..?? common every one knows that just takes one bullet and a bit of planning.. And posty allt hat stuf you wrote.. LOL you think bush is any better with his comercials..?? that's how youguys in the states seem to like the election, 2 guys spending milions on commercials, big election shows, television debates abouth nothing. Both of their campains cost so many millions.. that I find funny from the coutnry with the biggest amount of people living under the minimum .. and the country with the most people in prison. I don't believe in god but I do thank him I wasn't born in the USA becuase I think I would gone syco just becuase of the hypocritic way of life.
  12. In some countries its spellt Irak. yup.. and on top of that it's Kerry.. like in the ketchup oohh and abouth the money spent on the war in Iraq and against Osama.. Think abouth the fact Osama's network was build with US tax money.. read your history books, USA spent alot of money in the Alkaida network to give them the means to put up some resistance to the sovjets.. back int he coldwar. So the cave he is cilling in @ the moment was probalby made and payed with US dollars..
  13. well xexor you gotta be honest.. it's hard keeping this convo civilized when the topic of discusion is a unciviliced man like bush.. But the fact I still find funny is that there are only 2 sides to choice from, and the people who can vote swing round like a jojo.. 4 years of bush.. hhmm that didn't work, let's try 4 years of the otherside. But I shure ashell hope bush wont be the one that get's to try it for another 4 year, becuase I do think he will atleast try and make a ww3. I don't agree with his actions (read the wars he started) but that wouldn't be a problem if only I saw the logic in them. Becuase if some one can explain why he atacked Irak..?? I thought alkayda (or how ever you spell that) attacked your country.. so what is he doing in Irak..?? Most of the UN said no to it but he still did it.. and demanded UN support.. Now our soldiers (read dutch) are over there getting killed just becuase Bush and his dad are frustrated they failed 10 years ago.. Aahh well it't the other sidfe of the world.. I shouldn't let this get to me..
  14. just joking.. but I do find the fact that you guys can only select from to sides strange.. that aint democracie (lol @ spelling ) and the fact that not even every one in the usa is allowed to vote makes it even more like some sort of tv show. I for one am glad I don't live thare becous I don't think I could bare that kinda governament. /me runs out to fetch a dutch - english dictonary
  15. I voted bush... you guys picked him in the first place so stick with your choice.. and yes he fucked up but name me more than 2 usa presidents that didn't..??
  16. no you don't have to forget your owns.. but getting flamed for stating another thought that brophy's is just plain bullshit.. and what you on abouth with that off topic..?? you trying to get me on another point to.. have it your way guys.. but we consider getting naded to death thru walls and ceilings without ever seeing a player a glitch .. you guys don't . conclusion do not play a match again.. simple aye could have thought of that on the first page.
  17. i didnt mension shooting through walls, we are on about throwing a nade up against a wall and the blast radius killing someone the other side I know what you mean brobhy.. but some how you start this poll and in my eyes a poll is for a discusion abouth summit.. But still you dont accept other people's opinions.. next time you strart a one way discusion like this please so remember me not to bother reading your posts..!! Learn to accept other people's opinions brobhy that would shure make discusing more easy instead of the instand flame war youu make it.
  18. DeeJee.nl


    not shure but summit like this under mta.text elseif ($read(badwords.txt,w,$3-)) { mta.say $1 $mta.name($1,$2) stop using bad words..!!! mta.slap $1 $2 } make a file called badwords.txt and place all words int here.. every word a new line. and place that file in your mirc folder but I don't know that much abouth how the script handles the file.. but I can think of the amount of work it is for mirc to read the file every time some one says something.. in other words I think it would make your script react very slowly. elseif (( lag isin $3-) && (%isadmin. [ $+ [ $1 ] $+ . $+ [ $2 ] ] == false && %ismember. [ $+ [ $1 ] $+ . $+ [ $2 ] ] == false )) { mta.slap $1 $2 mta.say $1 Stop complaining } that is what I have in our script.. think if you want to add words just put them behind lag with a space inbetween. That way the script doesn't have to acces any other file if you get my drift.
  19. so ryan has everything to do with it him being tmm.. the gang you naded thru the wall.. Look if you start a poll like this you have to accept peoples opinions.. even if they are the oposite of yours.. and all you done so far in this thread is tell every one that voted or posted that they think it's a glitch that they are wrong.. ??? It is part of the game.. but most people consider it a glitch (look @ the result of your own poll) So when you guys go into a match stating the rules on your own forum, and them same rules being copyed to ours telling every one NOT TO GLITCH.. well then what do you expect us to do when we all got killed with nades thu a wall.. You expect us to say.. he nice that was a glitch but hey you made the rules your selfs please do change them on us with out previos notice..?? I can live with everything int he game, chopper kills car kills nades flames.. but like l2ebel stated make rules in advance.. problem solved.. atleast we thought it was.. like I said in the other post, makeing the rules your self and changing them to your own advantage is what sucks.. and that is why we all disagree with you, and are not willing to have a "friendly" match with you guys. Simple aight.
  20. DeeJee.nl


    under mta.text elseif (( crack isin $3-) { mta.slap $1 $2 mta.say $1 Stop talking abouth cracks } you can change: slap to any other command like kick or ban crack to every other word and if you got a admin log ina nd you still want to be able to say the word with out being kicked or slapped use this: under mta.text elseif (( crack isin $3-) && (%isadmin. [ $+ [ $1 ] $+ . $+ [ $2 ] ] == false && %ismember. [ $+ [ $1 ] $+ . $+ [ $2 ] ] == false )) { mta.slap $1 $2 mta.say $1 Stop talking abouth cracks }
  21. Well twig.. If you guys state rules in advance... Saying with big capitol letters : Well what is there been said abouth glitching twig..?? Next time if you want to use every exploid in the game state so in advance, so we know what we get into.. No glitching (atleast to me it does) means NO glitching, so no shooting thru walls, nading or flaming thur them, no bitchpakking a car or heli, and every other lglitch there is the game.. But hey if you guys need it to "own us" (your words) please tell me, becuase that is enough reason for us to NOT play you guys again... I am not getting into a big old discusion again, ending up in a flame war, but stating some rules in advance and then breaking them your self.. to just turn that around to us being sore loosers.. well that is kinda lame m8.
  22. nope mtama (or any other script) just reads out what happens .. it can't change things like you suggested.. Health can only be taken off thru the slap command, and for all else it just reacts to things in the chat.
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