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  1. What is the maximum length and width of SA map in meters? Thx.
  2. Searching for same information, i have some questions: 1. What unit setup should i use in 3ds max ? 2. What is the maximum size of SA map in 3ds max units ? 3. What is the metric size of a character ? As i understand, interiors are two character heights up. 4. Does vehicles and world map use one measure units ? 5. Will the map be editable in MTA map editor after it's finished ? 6. What is the acceptable size of a map chunk (and are lowres lods necessary) ? Waiting for your answers, need help. Thank You.
  3. Solved ? Found same black spot in MTA VC, at the same spot for SA near (according the map) the hill. In VC it's on a beach in front of ocean view hotel.
  4. Awesome ! Well, depends on server settings, scripts, gameplay and other stuff. In Rus.Fed., here 2 000 - 4 000 players (only at one server) online on crappy "GTA Criminal Russia", if you know what this horror is (and people pay money for VIP accounts, lol). But, Vice City is in our harts like forever. Worth to try it. (: +size of VC map and ~500 players online will make VC alive. (: Got already tons of script ideas for VC:RP.
  5. Will it be available for download ? Or it will come with MTA editor ? Can't wait for good editor, cause MEd is kinda lame for mapping. Is there a way to make a MTA:VC client based on original MTA... theoretically there is, but how complicated ?
  6. Just checked VC, yeah, the broken polygons are present in VC. Bout mall, it's cause of interior location is lower ? Then it should be easy to fix by editor + 3dsMax. Bad snapping and strange fountain water is present too. I just forgot all these things, it was perfect in memories. Most of map problems, as i understand can be easy fixed with mesh modding in 3dsMax ? - But, there is no black anomaly in original VC, and there are bright buildings, but not so bright. (lightmap issue?) And the bridge "LINKS Bridge", acts normal, there is no bridge copy inside the bridge mesh. And in the original, the LINK bridge sign is fine, i think it's grouped with bridge mesh and duplicated with it.
  7. Gonna wait, few days left. Maybe i'm not correct in "glitches", some map issues. 1. Some buildings are very bright, even at night. 2. Some map parts bad snapping. 3. There is polygon, but it's empty. 4.The corner polygon disappears from random perspective. Random road turns. 5.Dark anomaly, screenshot taken during the day. 6.Some objects (rare) are misslocated and i think the bridge has a copy inside. 7.Some container textures have bad texture mapping. 8. Half of night windows looks like this. Also problems with gloss, no glass in some shops (maybe not a map objects) and water in fountains is just a mesh with reflection, no water sprites when walking. That's all that I ran over while inspecting the map. I think this are the most of them, fully map looks awesome. Can't wait for mapeditor.
  8. All works good, some visual texture glitches with cargo containers\night windows, and some polygon glitches on some road corners (not a big deal), everything else works and looks amazing. 💓 Tried to load the map in the editor, but no luck. How do I load it ? And SA map locations keep appear in VC, gonna search the forum to solve it. And again, Thank You for your work ! 😁
  9. Cool, can you make a little TUT how to load VC map ? Can whole SA map be deleted ? This is interesting, cause SA map is too big, i want to create VCRP, and i think MTA is the best choice, cause VCMP totally lame. Will it be possible to edit VC map in MTA editor ? Sorry if some questions are dumb, i'm new to MTA. Thx for your job !