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  1. I dont think so, setGlitchEnabled is server-side
  2. pode usar também uma marker e usar a função https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/CreateMarkerAttachedTo para attach no player
  3. reduce handlers, use more local variables, use tables(pairs looks more faster than ipairs) There's nothing much to do about onClientRender i think, just try not use much handlers with onClientRender.
  4. type /debugscript 3 start the script and see if there are ERRORS dupping
  5. no, i mean use functions like this to get black bars dxDrawImage guiCreateStaticImage
  6. NEW/CUSTOM WEAPONS This resource allow you to add weapons, you can add new type of weapons, for while its just for rifles that replace M4 V1.0 8 Weapons ( Rifle ) Different sounds. HOW TO USE F2 open panel, you just need to select the weapon. How to add weapons. Open both scripts client and server Add the name of weapon that you want in table {"AUG",4394} > Name, and Object ID that you will replace it Take the skin of weapon put in models folder and in meta.xml The name of dff and txd must be the same of weapon
  7. Voce pode mudar as propriedades sim. setWeaponProperty
  8. setAccountData getAccountData
  9. Furzy

    MTA DayZ

    Bone_atttach problem
  10. Voce tem que setar pro cara morrer quando o counter acabar
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