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  1. Was posting in reply to his post that got locked, cudnt b arsed to quote it soz for the confusion, o well, seems like it don't matter no mores anyway peace out
  2. The entire smoker's server admin do NOT cain u, get your facts right. I for one don't even know you so I duno where u get ur info buddy but i suggest u get it correct next time before jumping to conclusions. If you have problems within the smoking server then I suggest you contact myself an I will sort it out, or maybe post a complaint on the Smoker's Server forums? anyway peace out
  3. lol oli u nuttah, always make me larf. ok, enuf spamming on this topic and on this forum. im sure MTA dont wanna hear it an neither do I. as I have told you before Stift, the matter is OVER, its in the past, what do u expect me to about it? the fact that I clearly dont care and have TOLD you so should put you off more. people cheat, people lag, sometimes u cant tell, sometimes, and get this, its a hard one, sometimes, u have to just shutup, and realise its a game, and, this is the hard bit, PLAY IT!! omg omg! wow! amazing ay!? right. for smokers server forums for all this kinda stuff, go to m
  4. Stift, number one: I can't be arsed with constant script updating and changing. I let my admins run their own ingame scripts if they want it. I provide the main scripts and that is as far as I am prepared to go now. Scripts are over used on servers as it is and I DO NOT HAVE THE TIME TO CONSTANTLY write scripts for people. Number two: You still wouldn't necessarily know who kicked you I will repeat again. If anyone has problems, contact ME and I will sort them out. Also check the Smoker's Server site for your Smoker's Server needs. Peace Out
  5. This is the one and only reply you shall get. I do NOT check these forums regurlarly and was referred to this post. Current Admins on the Smoker's Server as of 09/08/2004: Host and Only Admin+: [drugs]toker Other Admins: [ulk]dvs brander [ulk]d VCES>Nick [4d]outback The other Admin "with the letter V" is NOT Vinny, his name is Vision an he is the Host of our Smoker's Server IRC Channel, on it's way he rarely plays or admins. There are of course other admins who are friends of mine and have access but these people use it so rarely it is not worth the mention. The above admins are
  6. fair eunf if you say things have to be removed... you obviously know more about it than me. you are probly right, but i am almost 100% sure that there is nothing else missing. wot would you expect to be missing?? give me a example or too to look for an i will let you know but as of yet it all seems to be 100% there m8.
  7. why m8? i have SEEN it done AND in ACTION. i dont c how u can deny it. would u like screenshots to proove it?
  8. I'd appreciate it if you didnt call me a n00b m8. your wrong. they could have added it. I have found modified files on sites and yes, they do work, AND they work just as fine as malibu and the stadium, which they COULD be bothered to add. Have a look for some my friend, you might be pleasantly suprised.
  9. the ammunation store shootin range rules. the bikers bar... the helipad on top of the block of flats by the stadium... o i forgot, you guys dont have them on your crappy MTA cos they coudlnt be bothered to put in any effort and add them....
  10. yeah same here give or take
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