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  1. Whooohoooo . . advanced notice rocks!!!
  2. Hey, I was hoping to have some more notice. I travel alot with work and wasnt around to see the posts on Friday. I read where we have a week or so to complete . . .or something like that? Anyone available during the week? I know {FBI} usually is . . .let me know when we can rumble.
  3. How do you explain that in school to your friends?
  4. The word is GAME ON Wait, thats two . .I knew I should have attened college longer!
  5. Count FBI in .. .I have at least 5 committed. . .and probably a few more. Let us know when to rumble!
  6. Yes sir, checking with the kids now. LOL
  7. We live to rumble . . .and ULK is always fun to spank around the yard!
  8. Let me talk to the boys . . .I am sure we can rally enough up to make some stuff happen! I look forward to playing with real gamers!
  9. no 75%? I have a different IP from someone who did the same to me . . .hmmm, where did I put that Post It Note And yet a different IP that attacked my networks (2 different). . .people these days!
  10. Maybe but call bob and ask him yourself +1 (217) 348-5935 and his address: 503 Hall Court Charleston, IL 61920 he loves pizza Hmmmmm, Wonder if he likes thick crust or STUFFED crust.
  11. How sad, but very true. Seems most forget it is just a game, and cheating doesn't help Good Luck to VCP . . .Cop clans need to stay around.
  12. I am glad others see my point of view. Some accuse me of being "That Admin" that boots people for the heck of it. I just want a smoothe game for all to play. Ohh, if these Mod'ers are soo flipping genius . .why don't they have their own servers? Thanks for the support of the REAL players!
  13. I have read postings from Devs that say map and car mods do. Thats why i am starting this thread to get a larger view of peoples thoughts. I do not know the answer . . just want some good clean and fun play!
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