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  1. That is correct, thank you for your assistance
  2. Where exactly do i put this in the code?
  3. Hey so this is my code and i get Expect argument and got nil at setElementAlpha so im wondering how i can use timer function correctly in this code? Here is the code regarding to the error: bindKey("aim_weapon", "both", function(key, press) if (getPedWeapon(localPlayer) == 34) then if (press == "down") then for i = 1, 4 do if (i ~= 3) then local tohide = getElementData(localPlayer, "tohide"..tostring(i)) or "NONE"; if (tohide ~= "NONE") then setElementAlpha(tohide, 0); end end end elseif (press == "up") then for i = 1, 4 do if (i
  4. The problem is, i dont know what col my script has because its a script where you make protection for other bases using /polymake1-4 so you make the 4 polygoncorners and it turns it into one area. And dont know what that is called after its finnished
  5. so @JeViCo this is what i did, i added the below script to the Server side script which ive provided aswell, but the godmode enables on every col and not the one around the base, which is the protection polygon, this polygon is called handlepoly i think according to the script is there a way to make only godmode get enabled/disabled on entering/leaving just this colshape that this script is making or has made? The vehicle godmode: function vehicleGodMod(player) if isPedInVehicle ( player ) and getPedOccupiedVehicleSeat( player ) == 0 then vehicle = getPedOccupiedVe
  6. oooo, alrighty ill try this. thanks buddy @JeViCo
  7. Could you detail your answer a bit more please? @LyricalMM
  8. So i have a proection script for bases, i want the vehicles that are inside this zone will keep the HP they had when they first came in, so people wont throw nades or shoot the vehicles outside the zone. I take no credits for the script as it is not mine! Server --- Definire Poligon (phy) function createZone(thePlayer, theCMD, accType, ...) if isObjectInACLGroup("user."..getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(thePlayer)), aclGetGroup("Admin")) then local clanFile = xmlLoadFile("security.xml") if not clanFile then outputChatBox("Sistemul nu a putut f
  9. Thank you both @DeadthStrock and @LyricalMM I thing its better to use relative as it is in percentage, meaning it will always be the same percantage on all resoultions instead of using absolute as that is almost like Pixels. It will be diffferent to each resolution. Thanks!
  10. Oh thanks, but i meant its not buyable when im entering the marker. Not presssing F4 @DeadthStrock
  11. So @DeadthStrock, Appereantly it doesnt work to purchase stuff on the other tabs except weapons. any idea?
  12. Hey Forum, i need to fit this money showing script to alll resoultions, some players with 1280 x 720 are having problems seeing their money in game. The money is located on top right of the screen. I visited https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/GuiGetScreenSize and saw some examples but its a bit confusing to be honest. Would appreciate if anyone could get me to understand the GuiGetScreenSize and help me make this script fit all resolutions. Below ive added the script: addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() end ) addEventHandler("onClientRend
  13. This is huge, how can i thank you except a like?? Thank you so much @DeadthStrock for all this help man, i can imagine its hard fixing all this buggs im throwing in the thread. Holy :~! ++++rep
  14. but im having problems, i added a close button to the gui, when ever i press it the gui closes but the active image at that moment is not getting destroyed? Here is the scripts with the close button added Client side: local items = { --items,cena(K.B.K Points) porsion1List = { {"M1911",50}, {"PDW",150}, {"Winchester 1866",150}, {"AK-107",300}, {"Lee Enfield",400}, {"M4A1 Holo",300}, {"MK 48 Mod 0",450}, {"CZ550",300}, {"DMR",400} }, porsion2List = { {"M1911 Mag",50}, {"PDW M
  15. Well with some working around i fixed this this is what I added to Client script: function Windows() guiSetVisible(SHOP.panel[1], true) guiSetVisible(SHOP.window[1],true) showCursor(true) setElementData(localPlayer,"shop.viewing",1) end addEvent("openWindow1",true) addEventHandler("openWindow1", getRootElement(), Windows) And into server side: marker1 = createMarker ( 177.13320922852, 2818.298828125, 68.174095153809, "cylinder", 1.5, 30, 212, 5 ) function HitMark(hitPlayer) triggerClientEvent (hitPlayer,"openWindow1",getRootElement(),hitPlayer) end addEventHandler("o
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