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  1. Ah. Well people who make resources/addons/etc for things say MTA or Garry's Mod, usually seem to call it scripting. But I am familiar with the term programming of course, I am one myself. I do all sorts. Web dev, desktop dev, some game scripting, game dev, mobile dev. Bit of everything really. And I wasn't saying I want to be paid for scripting, i was simply asking how much I'd have to pay someone else to do it because I don't have the time.
  2. Ah by resource? I figured most coders charged by the hour I mean if I had a good functional resource I could probably fix or upgrade stuff myself, but I don't have the time to get it to a functional playable fun state. But if there arent' any then the server will just have to be dead until one day in the future when I'm less busy, maybe when I'm done with university haha
  3. First off, no idea if this is the right section, if it isn't, feel free to move it. Second off, RPG(Yea, yea. I don't much play them at all but I know someone who seems to love the idea of having one). Probably not full time, but I am curious what respected scripters will charge. I assume it'll be by the hour so what it is your doing shouldn't matter too much. Basically just need skills with Lua and the MySQL library / SQL language. I don't expect it to be something ridiculous like $5 an hour, I just want to know whether or not I will be able to afford it when I got a job. So, anyone arou
  4. Tried that, can't seem to cancel the explode event. Went clientside and canceled the onClientVehicleDamage if the health was below a certain point though. Did this: function handleVehicleDamage(attacker, weapon, loss, x, y, z, tyre) if getElementHealth(source) < 250 or (getElementHealth(source)-loss) < 250 then setElementHealth(source, 250) cancelEvent() end end addEventHandler("onClientVehicleDamage", root, handleVehicleDamage) In case anyone else wants to know how.
  5. Hi. I'd like to stop vehicles exploding and rather just leave them on fire(or low health) to disable them. Unfortunately, no matter how much I try, I cannot stop them exploding. Do I need to hook a clientside event for this and cancel it or what?
  6. Hey, thought I'd create a topic to release a few scripts I've created for my LAN server. Some of them probably need a bit of work or could be made a bit prettier(or maybe commented..) but they're fun at least. Littlebird Weapons I replaced my Sparrow with a littlebird and created some weapons for it with limited ammo. This is probably better with the actual littlebird model, so if you'd like me to turn this script into a resource with the littlebird model, let me know and I will. use O to switch weapons between the minigun and the missiles. Left ALT to fire. Problems: Well, I used the
  7. Hey guys, can't seem to think of how to do this(probably simple) but I am creating a couple jets that will follow a player after they fly over the restricted area, and I can't seem to think of how to determain what direction the ped needs to turn the plane(left or right) to point the plane in the direction of the player. Any ideas? EDIT: If you could give me a couple pointers on not having them manage to fly down into the ground, that would be helpful too(I want them to keep the altitude they started at). Thing is, I don't want to set the rotation, I want to actually use the set control th
  8. Looks like javascript to me. I think this forum is meant to be for Lua scripts for MTA, that isn't Lua and doesn't appear to have a whole lot to do with MTA either. It is too packed together for me to bother trying to figure out what it all does, but it looks like it is Google related.
  9. Basically I want the player to be damaged a certain amount based on how fast the car is going(not at all if it isn't going to fast), whether or not it is rolling, how damaged the car is, etc.
  10. I tried this(one of many kinds of randomness) : function vehicleDamage(theHitElement, force, bodypart, collisionX, collisionY, collisionZ, velocityX, velocityY, velocityZ, hitElementForce, model) if(getElementData(player,"kcar") ~= true) then local fDamageMultiplier = getVehicleHandling(source).collisionDamageMultiplier local damage = force * fDamageMultiplier local perc = (damage/1000) * 100 local player = getVehicleOccupant(source) local newHealth = getElementHealth(player) - perc setElementHealth(player,newHealth) end end a
  11. Hey guys, I quickly made up a little script to damage players in car accidents but the problem is it simply takes the vehicles damage of the player. The main problem with this is, if the player has 1 health and then breaks a headlight whilst the car is barely moving, the player will still be killed. I have a function(found it in my script, I think it came from the wiki) that can get the cars speed, but I am not entirely sure how to work it into this little script. Script for car damage: function vehicleLoss(loss) local thePlayer = getVehicleOccupant(source) if(thePlayer) then --
  12. try something like this: <?php $fp = fsockopen("", 22005, $errno, $errstr, 10); if (!$fp) { echo "Server is offline"; } else { echo "Server is online"; fclose($fp); } ?> If the server does not respond within 10 seconds, PHP will output "The server is offline", otherwise it will output "The server is online" Of course, replace with your servers IP address and 22005 with your servers port.
  13. cokacola

    querying ASE

    Hey guys, when making a server browser, what is the best way to get the list of current MTA servers? I'd be doing this with C#. Is there an API? I tried with game-monitor, but their forum is down and the only SDK I found was from 2005. Any idea how I go about this?
  14. http://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetPedControlState --I've always used that, is there any big difference between the two? does that one not work on players?
  15. I thought it would be on a timer or something, but I don't know much about players following players, so I cannot be greatly of assistance.
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