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  1. Jhon

    The Gangs

    i prefear chocolates and flowers,sounds more romantic --------------------------------------
  2. Jhon

    The Gangs

    this idea need a lotta of work but imagine something like this.... u have a gang and drugs(that u can get on missions) and other gang need drugs(to complete a mission) then they can meet in a place and make a deal to make the gangs more "official" maybe somethin like a list that u can add a player or kick his a*s -------------------------------------
  3. no, nightstalker is right, we dont need to worry about BlaZe.. as Tyler Durden says "Let Go" --------------------
  5. He cannot guarantee himself thats why he use his dirty cheats Plz stop cheating man!!! Play like a real Player and this match to every one who like to cheat CHEAT = SHIT -----------------------
  6. good idea but im still missing my virgo into that game:)
  7. Jhon

    Cool Suggestions

    cool but will give a lotta laggy
  8. im having these time out problems tooo but i think its cause im 56k
  9. Mods ar not cool Can u imagine everyone playing invencible Thats real not funny! but the moder´s can stay togheter in a server just for mods not in the normal players server ok?
  10. Jhon

    cop spikes and C+R

    That is very good!!! and the robers earn money! cool
  11. Jhon

    NPC Cars

    not npc plz!!! i hate NPCs thats why i play online with other REAL players,ok
  12. Jhon

    The Gangs

    about the gangs... make something more, hmmm official. I dunno and maybe a way to make deals with other players or gangs some jobs or missions will give more objective in the game i know somethings here is hard 2 do but its not impossible -------------------
  13. Wait,Wait Wait i got the newest version and the radar is WORKI´N but i got time out´s TOO there´s something i can do????
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