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  1. Na verdade tem sim, utilize SetElementAlpha
  2. its impossible what im trying to do =/ im trying to apply a shader with if if BOPE == true then if id == 490 then local image = "skinbope" local bopetextura = dxCreateTexture("images/"..image..".png","dxt3") dxSetShaderValue(theTechnique,"gTexture",bopetextura) texturabope = theTechnique engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture(texturabope, "skin", theVehicle) elseif id == 596 then end end but if i put a condition (if) the engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture only apply for players who have the condition...
  3. so i can put like this? addEventHandler("onClientVehicleEnter", remotePlayers, applyShader) return remotePlayers nil in debugscript
  4. I created a script to set texture when player joins the car, (EngineApplyShaderToWorldTexture), but work only client-side, i wanna other players see the texture from the car, not only the local player see self texture. How i can create a script like this?
  5. i already tried and dont work like the way above
  6. local vehicleid = getVehicleID ( theVehicle ) function AdminCarRemoval ( button, state, player ) if ( button == "left" and state == "down" ) then if ( isElement(source) ) and ( getElementType(source) == "vehicle" ) then if ( isGuestAccount(getPlayerAccount(player)) ) then return end if ( aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) and ( isObjectInACLGroup ( "user." .. getAccountName(getPlayerAccount(player)), aclGetGroup ( "Admin" ) ) and (vehicleid == 411) ) then destroyElement (source) outputChatBox('Successfully destroyed the vehicle.',player,255,255,0,true) end end end end addEventHandler( "onElementClicked", getRootElement( ), AdminCarRemoval ) to add more vehicles use or ex: (vehicleid == 411 or 412 or 413) if this dont work try this (vehicleid == 411 or vehicleid == 412 or vehicleid == 413)
  7. Hey guys, i need create an Smoke particle when pressing W (like the Drift Paradise system) for my drift server, you guys know how i do that? (because when press W the smoke disappear) i know is with fx system, but how i do that?