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  1. Hello, I need help with interfacing from client to server and vice versa. Kindly someone explain it with an example. I read the example but I didn't get.
  2. You're mapping at the local server? I have had this problem. I reinstalled the mta completely, without adding any new scripts. It worked for me.
  3. I'm looking for a simple resource , in which there is a ped and have gun. And I'm able to set his target. does anyone knows how to do it?
  4. Thanks to all. All comments came in handy.
  5. Hello, I saw that Lua is most easy than c++. though due to some reasons, I want to script in c++, How do I bring c++ libraries or What else I should do. Kindly tell me all details. Thank you.
  6. Hello all, I want to know if I can script in c++? If I can, How? Kindly tell me all information and tools that I need. I will be really thankful to you.
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