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  1. thanks for suggesting that thread Z3RB1AN. interesting indeed
  2. Towncivilian, thank you for this 'repack'. i tried it today and it works very well. its really nice how the servers are listed etc. good stuff.
  3. wow, been years since i even visited this forum. I never liked san andreas for some reason. It was always vice city for me :] and ppl moved on, switched to SA and i don't get it i believe theres like 1 server left and its roleplay lol i just wanna kill to be honest. in my opinion there doesnt even have to be a better version..but there gotta be servers D: and players....but ppl moved on, so have i i guess.. were some fun years tho if anyones working on it, goodluck.. hmm im ginna google for active vc servers peace
  4. damn!..u lose and claim a victory I gues thats possible when there are no judges/admins around Lets fight again, 5 rounds, with some admins to watch over the game Or maybe this time, try to accept a loss mirror, calm down
  5. oh man!! GREAT..thanks alot I'm so happy right now lol thanks again!!
  6. try making vids? lol I did..but thats months ago and the website that had them (gamersalliance) renewed everything a while back so the vids are gone..and my old comp broke down..(If someone remembers me and maybe downloaded my vids on their comp and still has them PM ME!!) Hey on your next video (if your gonna try another one) maybe create sumthing more special..everyone knows the plane and its not really spectacular, the stunts could be landed correct or stunt without speed mods.. And the kill scene could finish faster and have some more kills in it .. You could make a storyline since it
  7. ...U call that pwnage? lol.. pff sry but this video wasnt very good..the plane was just boring.. Those stunts would be ok if u landed them correct but u didnt and that fight @ the end was a practise fight for the real thing or sumthing?? hmm I guess the music was ok
  8. just watched em both....really good vids very nice editing worth watching
  9. how about a movie about the art of killing.. feel like makin a movie with basic kill skills lol or maybe a movie called 'why the robber is pathetic'.. gotta find sum ULK and FMJ asses for that one muhahahahahah..< MEXICAN PRIDE
  10. yeah thaz right..the way u introduced it was very professional like the beginning where u show sum stuntplaces in VC with the point of view really moved like sum camera if u know what i mean
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