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  1. Hello everyone! It finally happens! We opened server today! Come and play with us and many other people! IP: mtasa:// See you on the server! Backnite Team.
  2. Hello everyone! More and more hours of testing scripts convince us that it's ready to release. So let's do it! Server will be open 09.02.2019 about 11:00 UTC. Server's ip will be released here, on our fanpage and on our website that day couple hours before the start. See you on the server! Backnite Team
  3. Hello dear players! It's been a long time since the announcement came out and it's time to put the plan into practice. However, before this happens, we need to run a number of server tests. We would like you to help us with testing and finding errors. If you are willing to help with server tests, write a simple application for beta tester according to the form given below and send it to us on our email: backniteofficial@gmail.com or on our fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialBacknite/ in private message. You can send applications in English or Polish, because we don't support oth
  4. https://backnite.com WHO ARE WE? We are a group of young developers known on the stage of Multi Theft Auto, who wants to throw in a few interesting and innovative plans for the development of our server. WHAT IS BACKNITE? Backnite is an international server based on the Battle Royale mode. This mode is known mainly from games like PUBG, Fortnite or the newest version of Call of Duty Black Ops 4. Probably your first question that comes to your mind will be: “Will the game be based only on Battle Royale?” Of course not, because it would be too boring for long-time playing.
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