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  1. majqq

    Weapon sounds - questions.

    I'm very grateful, thank you for help. I will test out it asap, and if something will be wrong i will inform you ☺️
  2. majqq

    Weapon sounds - questions.

    So if i don't want count sound to it i need just add a condition, like this? Because i think there is no other way. Or this will not work? I just wanna be sure. function onClientPlayerWeaponFire(weapon, ammo, ammoInClip, hitX, hitY, hitZ, hitElement) if source == getLocalPlayer() then -- don't count sound else -- count sound? end end addEventHandler("onClientPlayerWeaponFire", getRootElement(), onClientPlayerWeaponFire)
  3. majqq

    Weapon sounds - questions.

    I don't understand element tree for now, so as far i understand this, it will store sounds, after sound will end, it will disappear from this. This should avoid playing more than 5 sounds in one time, i am right? If not, sorry, i'm new to this. But what if want "give" an immunited for a sound that is created by me, so it will not count to it? Thanks anyway.
  4. majqq

    Weapon sounds - questions.

    -- outside the function local checkSound = getTickCount() -- inside the function local lastShot = getTickCount() if lastShot > checkSound then -- playsound checkSound = lastShot + 20 end Thank you for the answer ☺️, this is the similar function which i used, and it was causing huge lags. About tables. I used them already, in some ways. However i don't have idea how can i make a sound system like this. Inserting in table, iterate weapon sounds in table - through loop 'for' , check if it's more than x sounds? Can you guide me a bit more?
  5. majqq

    Weapon sounds - questions.

    Hi. I have some questions about sounds. Which are important in my server, because they are playing often. 1. Is the .ogg format better than .wav? I noticed that .ogg have better quality, and weight it's much less than .wav, f.e: - .wav weapon sound: 140 kb - .ogg weapon sound: 10 kb 2. I saw somewhere on forum, that sound created by playSound3D doesn't disappear, and it need to be destroyed manually, or i am wrong? 3. How can i reduce frequency of playing weapon sounds, if a lot of players shoot in one time, it decrease performance. I tried to reduce them with using and comparing: getTickCount() But server started to lagging on 30 + players. 4. How can i create some kind of a sound system which: - will check if there's for example 4-5 weapon sounds playing. - if yes, then not all of them will be hearable, but your own weapon sound will plays without any delays.
  6. Hello. I am using an setPedAnimation for reload system, but i have two problems which i can't solve. setPedAnimation(source, "rifle", "RIFLE_load", -1, false, true, false, false) 1. During animation you can't move. (looks like freeze but it isn't) 2. Your character stands up when you are crouching. (annoying) Some servers solved it but i don't know how can i fix it on my server, that's why i'm looking for workaround and asking you guys about help.
  7. Hi. I have some questions about things above. As far i understand: getRootElement() it's same as root and getResourceRootElement() it's same as resourceRoot But i don't really understand where i should use getRootElement() / getResourceRootElement(). Can someone explain me about this, would be nice with a 2 examples.
  8. majqq

    Effect name

    Yeah, it's it, thanks again Patrick ☺️
  9. majqq

    Effect name

  10. majqq

    Effect name

  11. majqq

    Effect name

    Hey. I need to make effect on player hit, but i don't know how this effect it's called. Or it's multiple effects used?
  12. majqq

    bone_attach - cannot resume dead coroutine

    Looks like both of this eliminated error, before it wasn't working due of my mistake. If something will change i will notice. Thank you very much.
  13. majqq

    Effect on player hit

    Hey, it's me again and i have another questions. 1. How can i make something like blood splash when player get hit, and after 150~ ms it should disappear. 2. Is there a way to replace standard effect from GTA on custom? F.e blood splash above.
  14. majqq

    Set scale for weapon in hands

    Hey, i need to scale weapon [which is custom object] in hands. Any ideas how can i do it?
  15. majqq

    bone_attach - cannot resume dead coroutine

    I will test it today, later.