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  1. 1. If you are about damage when shooting glass. My solution: - Cancel damage on event which is responsible for player damage. * Simply check if player is in vehicle, and body part is 9. 2. I don't have idea for that. My solution: - setVehicleDamageProof, which also protects wheels. * Apply cancelEvent() for onClientVehicleDamage, damage vehicle by script.
  2. Never used this before, but looks like it should do the job. Use with triggerServerEvent.
  3. No. You use client-side event, and define client-side script as server-side. This won't work.
  4. Change to client in meta.xml
  6. Maybe you could show us some code that in your opinion is guilty for that. I'm not a magician, and i don't know how it looks. At the moment, i can advice you to read this. Mainly for loops, unpack equivalent, and localize variables, but i don't think so that will be enough.
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  8. Lua tables, check first post, i've edited it.
  9. Hey, i would like to know which is faster, and better to use. Or there's no any difference in performance between them? For example in render, or any different usage. As far i understand from reading IIYAMA's posts, for render it's better to use array structure?
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    @slapz0r If you're considered about performance. You should use int loop. local players = getElementsByType("player") for i = 1, #players do local player = players[i] -- do your stuff end Source:
  11. That's what i am doing, compiling script with highest obfuscation level, and also i use cache="false" in meta.xml for client-side scripts, thanks for explaining.
  12. As i thought, i wasn't sure about that. So at the moment, there's no any other extra possibility to "secure them more", excluding cache="false" and compiling with highest level of obfuscation?
  13. What's the point for that? If cache="false" does same?
  14. Like before, but will be better if you will rewrite them once again, and not copy, because of invisible special character, probably.
  15. Add to meta. <min_mta_version client="1.5.6" server="1.5.6"/>