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  1. Of course it is, 2016 here
  2. Why not, probably won't use it, but would be nice to look at it.
  3. @IIYAMA I've looked into it again probably realised why there's a lot of non-confirmed hits. Apparently, there's some delay before bullet will hit player. Do you think scripting dealing damage via onClientPlayerWeaponFire + processLineOfSight will work out? Damage would be handled by victim. I'm curious, because i do not have opportunity to test it, and would like to know what you think about it.
  4. There's no 100 % protection way, but at the moment is the best thing you can do.
  5. Just compile them with highest level of obfuscation. For client-side scripts use cache="false" in meta.xml aswell.
  6. Second example works fine, i've just tested it. About differences: - Example A register event with anonymous function. - Example B register event with non-anonymous function. How does it affect your code? Considering that you would want to remove this event handler, it will be not possible in A example (probably possible with searching _G). And for me it looks awful. So i prefer using B way over A.
  7. One resource: No need for use exports (which are slow) or triggers. Direct access to functions. If you want to introduce/change something - you need to restart whole mod. Several resources: In order to have all functionality exports are needed or triggers. Using functions through exports/triggers (if function is in other resource). If you want to introduce/change something - you just restart desired resource. In other words, one resource for best performance, or several resources for elasticity. LUAC compiles (and obfuscates code if selected
  8. Data gets cleared automatically if parent is valid. You can assign group to marker, on marker hit you will check if group of player is equal. For visibility use: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/SetElementVisibleTo
  9. It won't sync due of security reasons. If you want force sync you'd need to write additional code, but doing that is unsafe unless you gonna take data from server-side. What are you trying to do?
  10. @Salman 506 see Warning at: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/TriggerServerEvent And take a look at this wiki page for explantation: https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Script_security
  11. Updated tutorial. - Added server-side data validation example. - Added data handlers. - Added efficiency test (compared to element data). - Replaced type(pKey) == "nil" -> pKey == nil in get function.
  12. Hey. After around a 2 years of scripting i've decided to share a bit of my knowledge which i've learnt - thanks to very special person which is @IIYAMA, without him i couldn't make this tutorial, greets! When it comes to synchronising data you have two ways: a) Element data b) Tables Which of course have own pros and cons. This tutorial is focused on tables. And covers such topics as: - Basic details about tables & element data - Data validation - Usage of helper functions to create data system based on tables - Usage of buffer to reduce trigger calls
  13. @85242 you could try aswell changing 2nd argument of dxUpdateScreenSource. As far i remember that's how i solved it.
  14. Radziłbym wyjaśnić sytuację na forum/discordzie serwera na którym grałeś. To jest oficjalne forum MTA, i administracja nie ma władzy nad poszczególnymi serwerami (toteż nie możemy w związku z tym nic zrobić).
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