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  1. majqq

    [HELP MEEE] Player Spawn

    Check this code, probably that's what are you looking for.
  2. majqq

    [HELP] Detect vehicle physical parts damaged

    Check this. +
  3. majqq

    REG. New field

  4. majqq

    Improving function

    Not only for DayZ, it's custom gamemode.
  5. majqq

    Improving function

    I don't have dayz server, and i didn't had.
  6. majqq

    Improving function

    Then i don't know how can i help, i gave you all ways i used to fix it.
  7. majqq


    About that limit in client side, it means that client can only send one trigger per request? And there's no limit on server-side?
  8. majqq

    table in work

    Use int loop. for i = 1, #tbl do local x, y, z = tbl[i][1], tbl[i][2], tbl[i][3] local marker = createMarker(x, y, z, "checkpoint", 3, 0, 255, 0, 180) -- and add missing code end
  9. majqq

    dxDrawImage, render targets

    Hello. I have decided to write some kind of GPS/radar script by myself. As always, there is some problems which i don't know can i solve. I have also other script which i'm using, but i prefer to rewrite it, because when local player is moving, the radar isn't moving smooth. - How can i get correct offsets for radar, depends from player position, and background map with resolution 3000x3000. - Why this code isn't that much effective as this one? And somehow when minimalizing a game, it uses less or more CPU. -- takes up to 8, 10% of CPU local gpsRender = dxCreateRenderTarget(290, 175) local mapWidth, mapHeight = 3000, 3000 if gpsRender and playerTable.settings.user[2] then -- used within onClientRender <- render events by IIYAMA, i've tested, and default events gives nearly same results. dxSetRenderTarget(gpsRender, true) local x, y, z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) local rotX, rotY, rotZ = getElementRotation(getCamera()) dxDrawImage(-10, -10, mapWidth, mapHeight, "map.png", rotZ, x/mapWidth, -y/mapHeight, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255)) dxSetRenderTarget() dxDrawImage(20, 100, 365, 235, gpsRender, 0, 0, 0, tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255)) end -- before that code it's just a dxDrawText and nothing more. -- takes up to 1-4% of CPU, and 20% when starting. local worldW, worldH = 3072, 3072 local rt = dxCreateRenderTarget(290, 175) local mW, mH = dxGetMaterialSize(rt) -- used within onClientRender. dxSetRenderTarget(rt, true) local x, y = getElementPosition(localPlayer) local X, Y = mW/2 -(x/(6000/worldW)), mH/2 +(y/(6000/worldH)) local camX,camY,camZ = getElementRotation(getCamera()) dxDrawImage(X - worldW/2, mH/5 + (Y - worldH/2), worldW, worldH, "img/radar_map.jpg", camZ, (x/(6000/worldW)), -(y/(6000/worldH)), tocolor(255, 255, 255, 255)) dxSetRenderTarget() -- later is some other code, and also ipairs loop.
  10. majqq

    Shader problem.

    bump. I was looking into it, and there is a lot of function, so i'm not even sure where i should start looking for.
  11. majqq

    Fast sprint script

    Thank you very much
  12. majqq


    Probably ain't gonna use it., the problem will be in case of clearing files from cache. By the way thank you for all of your support and advices, you're helping me very much
  13. majqq


    By the way i should add "delay" (getTickCount()/setTimer), protection for events which player can trigger manually? I'm talking about events which send small count of data. Just wanna be sure if this can overload server too.
  14. majqq

    Fast sprint script

    lmao. This should be custom or standard animation?