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  1. بالتوفيق لوحه رائعه بس ما اعتقد فيه 10 ريال كاش يو
  2. بالتوفيق لكم وفي إنتظار الإفتتاح
  3. how do i un reserver those get access to those able to use them??? plz plz plz plz help....btw if u dont have it i can send it to u
  4. can we get back on topic see under those it says Comple Mission (Reserverd) Comple Mission (Reserverd) Comple Mission (Reserverd)
  5. if u dont have this program i can give it to you on msn if u want. wick_tm@hotmail.com
  6. every one know the admin console for GTAIII u can do cheats and shit right well this is what i need help with see it says its reserved how do i un reserve it.
  7. wtf...when u asked me what video card i had. i said a built on one thats built into the system
  8. holy shit no way!!!! that is dumb i'm already on Stauanton island that would be stupid it took me months i dont want to start over again cuz i dont go on the comp all day every day...
  9. this is the most imporatant thing in the whole wide world...
  10. it is really important....i have been working and working on GTAIII beating missions and then now were re formating the comp and i dont want to start over...
  11. i'm reformatting my comp and i want to put my saved games for GTA III some where but i cant find the saved games folder where is it...
  12. oh and FBI Mac regarding ur picture it should be -FUCK- THE POLICE AND -FUCK- THE FBI ARMY UP IN HURR THE Army is the next strongest force in killing the...bad guy
  13. doing what...u need to quote the person and then say that..
  14. man VC looks so good but I'm not going to get it until i beat GTA III
  15. i just make cheats to have them in my staunton garage....
  16. I'm waiting till I beat the game and seen every thing...until i down load that.
  17. i just deleted GTA:MTA cuz no one ever played it once my we reformat i'm going to install it again and i hope ppl will be actualy playing I play GTA 3 lots (still trying to finsh SP tho) wick_tm@hotmail.com ask me when u wanna play ok where do u get those mods you have MP3 player for radio wierd gun wierd cars and wierd different buildings?
  18. my whoopies at my Staunton garage...hide out.
  19. when i go to GTA 3 blah blah skip the intro and then i go to start game and load game and then go to my game kingdome come and then half way threw its loading it stops i press the windows key alt tab ect then it says that.
  20. please help me tell me how to fix it.
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