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  1. mucuk6547

    [HELP]Make lighted object

    I'il be very happy if you do.
  2. mucuk6547

    [HELP] 3ds max convert mta

    Hello I do not get into an object I'm doing in 3ds can not convert what is going to be bug
  3. mucuk6547

    [HELP]Make lighted object

    do you know how to convert mta
  4. mucuk6547

    [HELP]Make lighted object

    Hi all I want to make light objects can help.
  5. mucuk6547

    [HELP]1 person car for 2 people

    How do I get 2 people in a car for 1 person? please help. for example, I want to put 2 people in hydra
  6. mucuk6547

    [HELP]Making 2 out of 1 vehicles

    I'm going to have 2 cars, but two will be different.
  7. mucuk6547

    [HELP]Making 2 out of 1 vehicles

    hello I would like to make a 2 from hydra to briefly a tool I want to copy how can I do.
  8. mucuk6547

    gas mask making

    Hello, I'm going to do a gas mask and when I write it with a command, can you help the game's grenade bomb not affect us?
  9. mucuk6547

    [JS]Converted Maps

    pls new link driver 2
  10. mucuk6547

    Broken object

    Hello I made an object but I want it to be broken how do I do?
  11. mucuk6547


    can I open a locked client file?
  12. mucuk6547


    Hi, I added a gun to the vehicle, but I have to use the code to turn around.
  13. mucuk6547

    [HELP]Cars gun error

    still not the same. Cod-1 function tankHat (commandName) local position = Vector3(getElementPosition (localPlayer)) -- Get the players position local tank = createWeapon ( ak-47, -1590.0594482422, -182.07429504395, 17.077798843384 + 5 ) -- Create a tank attachElements (tank,localPlayer, 2, 2, 5 ) -- Attach the tank to the player. end addCommandHandler( "silah", tankHat cod-2 bool attachElements ( element ak-47, element vehicle, [ float -1590.0594482422 = +1, float -182.07429504395 = +1, float 17.077798843384 = +1, float -1590.0594482422 = 1, float -182.07429504395 = 1, float 17.077798843384 = 1 ] ) Pls help me
  14. mucuk6547

    Weapon vehicle

    can't you help me
  15. mucuk6547

    [HELP]Cars gun error

    Hello there I added a gun to the vehicle but it does not occur where I want. gun is not sticky to the vehicle I want it to shoot with the mouse[ Left mouse button ]. CLİENT function createMinigunWeapon() -- Create the weapon 1 meter above the player local x, y, z = getElementPosition(getLocalPlayer()) local weapon = createWeapon("ak-47", -2413.2534179688, -593.76226806641, 134 + 1) -- Give it some ammo and fire it setWeaponClipAmmo(weapon, 1500) setWeaponState(weapon, "firing") end addCommandHandler("silah", createMinigunWeapon) SERVER weapon createWeapon ( string ak-47, float -2414, float -593, float 134) pls help