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  1. how to make these scripts?

    im still learning how to make LUA and GUI script's but im only on page 4 i was woundering how to make these Admin gate with password with rockets when rong setcash and also farwel cash thing thanks if you help
  2. in need of help

    i'v had same i took it out because i had no DVD drive and no new graphic card its working now but i GOT! to get my IP to stop changing itself lol seeyaz!
  3. Need more scripter to Finland RPG

    dude i can help a bit, but you got to come on the server with me ill take off the pass tomoz connect to this... i shold be on there but i go on it at 3pm in uk time k?
  4. script and map creators

    i've been lookin around got bored on mta i moved to sa:mp and got a little help so i moved to mta and stared my own server now im looking for script and map creators you can sigh up if you like the website is http://www.nr-jboy.1forum.biz sigh up and apply for script creators ohh and P.S anyone who has joined up for map creator gets anything thay want like cash on the SERVER!!! cars and houses for FREE if you wona you can spread this out!!! server starting times are 3pm to 3pm in uk time! sigh up we need scripters ohh and the IP and port is
  5. Housing System

    hay callum why dont you use mine i got them all linked up to every house!!!
  6. Da [bandits]

    da new crew on every server running!! come join up today ask for [bandit][FC]jj [bandit]row or [bandit]rogue
  7. I can't turn MTA client on :(

    try reinstalling it again i dont think it work's on visa ill try it when my dad gets his labtop seeya later
  8. Help please.

    yeah i get that download Map_editor for MTA and download Multi Theft Auto 1.0 not deathmatch!! add it to that then move your map from MTA Race to MTA and then you can do yhr rest of your map on there i almost done mine but i got some control's but you wont the add the cars from there dont use race because you only can use 1 car on race only... And Keep Going On Mta Dont Quit
  9. need members and script makers

    can have any house on gta for free but must keep working and sending script's
  10. idk why its not working anymore it was working earlyer i looked on the controls and nothin said F how can i fix this??
  11. need members and script makers

    anything realy can upload anything on here and get your own manchion io forgot to put that in again... p.s working on the manchions now!! server will be up soon
  12. Map Editor goes live / Progress update

    mine ent working it was earlyer but now it wont start... what shold i do?
  13. need members and script makers

    ok guys i also need members for my server and i need script creaters scripts makers will be added to admin when thay send there first cool scripts members got to train for... you know like jobs on it join us today! no link yet
  14. i had it running 1 time but now its saying map editor not found how do i get it back again?
  15. [MAP EDITOR]Doesn't load

    mine was doing that idk why but 1 day it was working i created 2 maps there cool now... map editor cannot load because my mta wnt a but funny so i reinstalled it for it to fix itself and my map editor has gone missing... HELP US 2!