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  1. THIS IS THE LINK TO... I Hat3 Yuo myg0t: Part II http://newgrounds.com/portal/view/171762 and more videos by the same guy!! http://newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=83100 : Dorr Blocking Figgat!! http://newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=36172 : dude, wheres my arm pt 1 http://newgrounds.com/portal/view.php?id=36175 : dude wheres my arm pt 2 and here is a link to his personal profile so u can check out ALL of his flash vids... http://newgrounds.com/gold/profile/temp ... ?id=164646
  3. yea i kno man its great sumone look for alink to the part 2 on newgrounds....
  4. meh i still like it... i heard they had a part 2 at newground nvr checked it yet tho
  5. http://pwned.nl/ FOOKERIN AMAZING NO JKZ
  6. that would be cool but i kno of a couple good street racing mods that r going to be runnin of the hl2 engine if u r interested...so if they can do that they can do a gta mod but imagine all the work...no normal person is that UN LAZY!!
  7. well my cuzin is like an elite gamer...he is amazing....he even helped blizzard work on warcraft II and diablo...he is great and says that source is one of the best damn games that has ever been created!! (except the ones he helped make...but u kno ppl there stuff is always better..) lol
  8. Supposably...I havent tried....But there is NON-STEAM for all you Steam Haters...and well you can SUPPOSABLY get Source WITHOUT CS:CZ and THE HL2....VISIT http://www.mtavc.com I WONDER IF STEAM AND VALVE KNO ABOUT THIS?!?!
  9. are you actually serious???...its not that good??
  10. ok well i found out after a lil resaerch that my drive is garbage...i am just guna use it for pix and and my html files and crap....but i also found out that ur page file size should be the amount of ram u have tymes 1.5 so example..... 352x1.5=528...so i went to settings and well to find out that my page file was set at 256...and im suppose to have it at 528...and ne ways now i have found major difference...when playing ram hungry games....thx for ur help tho....
  11. hey does ne one kno of ne config tweaks or application tweaks for counter-strike that will allow u to have a lower ping??....i heard of sumtin called hltoolz...but ppl say it fooks ur cs up.....and i meen i have a great internet connection best thing u can get for ur money in canada i pay 60+ dollars a month for it....BELL SYMPATICO HIGH SPEED ULTRA!!.....ne ways ne help will be appreciated!!
  12. hey guys i need help...i heard if u put ur page file on a diff hd or partition ur comp is faster....and well i was going to do that cuz i have an old 1.5 gig hdd laying around from an old pentium i used to own like 4 yrs ago...ne ways is there ne precautions or fuck up that myte make me a lil scketchy about oin this??
  13. yo guys im hyped im actually gunna get to try the beta in a few days cuz my cuzin has it and im going to his house next weekend.....I CANT WAIT!!
  14. no we havent gotten the chance to play cs: source....we r very long awaited tho but we play cs: 1.6
  15. Hey, I was just letting all you Counter-Strike players know that I have a clan that is new but we are all 1337...everyone in the clan has been playing CS for over a year and a half. The clan is called Xtreme-Ops and the tag is [X-Ops]. You can check out the website at... http://www.Xtreme-Ops.tk Feel Free To Register for the forums and tell me what you think of the site.
  16. ok man wellnow i have a prob i did trial and error but now i got a big error...is there sum way i can set xp to all default settings cuz see i cant system restore cuz i turned it off for more speed...and i dun wannna format bcuz well i dun wanna...and i messed with the services thing and now i dunno wut services and i messed wit the pafe file and well ne ways now i just need to reset to default settings ne one kno how??
  17. Hey does any body know any good programs or really effectable twaks to speed up your computer??
  18. yo mang thanks alot imma che4ck and see if it works write now iight and i will hit u up on an answer later iight peez...
  19. hey does ne one kno how i can make my internet connect automatically when windows starts up??....cuz it gets a pain in the ass to have to connect all the tyme and i was just wondering if there is a way in windows xp to have my internet connection already connected soon as it starts up....i have BELL SYMPATCIO HIGH SPEED....plz hlp its apprectiated
  20. ok...so its worth getting?? and it wont slow nuttin down ??
  21. hey guys do u think i shoul;d waste my tyme getting this??....or should i wait until its officail and they find out all the bugs cuz i meen garunteed there will be a SP2(part 2) i meen knowin microsoft and all...lol...
  22. phht dumb nub...i hate them nubs
  23. i have a ps2 and pc and i have gta 3 and vice for both of them i play them on ps2 for seriousness and to beat the game legitly...then i play on pc for fookin around and moddin and the best of all MTA...wow can u imagine....SAN ANDREAS ON MTA....HOLY FUK COW....swimmin with ur friends on mta....good thing its not realy life i would drowned most of u fookers...lol at least just the annoying ones....kinda like the ones that act like me...
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