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  1. How could I stole the scripts if I an admin there? ask AdamZZ about me. By the way, it's not Redicalgaming scripts, its for Betterlife RP(Bone County) by benjamin, I took the scripts and database from him. stop saying :~.
  2. and what is your point? its not my own server, I'm just an admin there since Aug 2018. Also Owlgaming old scripts posted on youtube since two-three years, and I took it from the youtube as I menitoned.
  3. Project Reality Roleplay, is a roleplay server which is running in Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas videogame. Server's lore is based on life in the main county area called Red County, Bone County and Fort Carson. The area gives you opportunities of whoever you want to become. You can become a mobster, a villain, a sheriff, a car wash operator, anything you can imagine! World is yours, so use your imagination. User Control Panel https://reality-roleplay.com Forum & Other Boards https://forums.reality-roleplay.com Treamspeak Server offline at the moment Server IP offline at the moment Discord Invitation Link DiscordIsNotResponding : https://discord.gg/QgxtBHY Don't forget to check the #announcements and the #showcase. You got a suggestion? Use the #sugg in discord.