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  1. Thank you so much! It works everytime now. Have a good day sir!
  2. Here is a video of it: You can see that sometimes it doesn't crash but if I connect to a server the map will be full buged out and all the features and mods too. After it doesn't crash it will crash again if I restart it. I just can't figure out what's the problem.
  3. I'll do so. EDIT: Same thing. Idk if it's relevant but, I was editing a video while being tabed out of mta and then when I tabed back in to MTA the server kicked me with this message: It's in hungarian but you know what it says. Disconnected: You were kicked by: (AC #4 NAOK) After that I restarted my mta and it started crashing. It's crashing everytime eversince.
  4. Here you go:
  5. Yeah I forget to put it in the topic. Sorry.
  6. Hey! So after I start my MTA, it startsup with no problem then at menu for like 2 sec I can move my mouse but after that it freezes and then I can move my mouse again for like 0.5 sec and then freeze again and then crashes with this message: Version = 1.5.6-release-14664.3.000 Time = Thu Oct 18 23:33:49 2018 Module = G:\MTA\mta\netc.dll Code = 0xE06D7363 Offset = 0x00417D60 EAX=0177F748 EBX=0177F7F4 ECX=00000003 EDX=00000000 ESI=6715176C EDI=67177D60 EBP=0177F7A0 ESP=0177F748 EIP=768117D2 FLG=00200216 CS=0023 DS=002B SS=002B ES=002B FS=0053 GS=002B I tried reinstalling SA, MTA, I even did a full reset on windows but still the same issue. I just can't understand why. Pls help.