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  1. How to put it in-game ? I mean, where i have to put the files ?
  2. Hi can you release a new link for IA Theme? :V @Guedes747
  3. Hey do you share your tool tout help-using with Map editor ? Thanks. @Gordon_G
  4. Hi, i want some help about how to start only a .map ressource. When i put the .map to a file to ressources, it don't work : do you have any help? Thanks!
  5. Try to pre-install your game MTA:SA, maybe due to ressources maps.
  6. JeffersonFR

    Sand Road Mod

    Hi, i'm looking for a mod road with sands. Desert Road! You could inform me about a specific route mod. By the way, I want to have sand roads, can you help me with an existing mod or help me! Please! :v
  7. Go ahead :
  8. Do you have the link of this low ENB please, @KINGKHAN ? Please can anyone share me a work low enb for MTA:SA?
  9. Image not working. Please make sure to share a image who works and shows your problem.
  10. Hi, can anyone gimme or if exist an low ENB for low PC with MTA:SA? Thanks you very much!