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  1. omg! that walking animation in the first movie from the car to the heli from that other player looked really smooth !! as well for the helicopter ride same goes for that other movie .. real dramatic improvement guys!! hope you will use this method! keep up the good work!
  2. im demand the MTA team to tell me the release date!!!! gotdamnit!!! i want to play this game now!!
  3. 100! hihi i voted 6 times with different proxy's Firearms: 3 Sven Co-op: 2 Tactical Ops: 1 Multi Theft Auto: 100 Natural Selection: 2 Day of Defeat: 0 Eve of Destruction: 1 Desert Combat: 6 Enemy Territory: 0 Unreal II XMP: 0 UT Jailbreak: 0
  4. im soo exciiiiteeeeeeed i just can't hide iiiiiitttt! woehoe!
  5. no... that is what makes you the wanker of the century
  6. madlib

    What we do

    i highly respect all of the MTA team for making this possible in your free time and best of all FREE for all! BIG UP YOURSELFS!!!! greets, /madlib PS: a big 'f*ck off' to those %#@% who cheat.
  7. don't drink and drive cheater at work #1 cheater at work #2 cheater at work #3 cheater at work #4 cheater at work #5 cheater at work #6 .. wow and that without paying any extra bus fair with 3 ppl in a 2 person car yeah i can see it! its a friggin' mouse!! damn! slow down and turn the engine off! or you will kill it!
  8. here are a couple of mine AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! its the invicible men!! mind the blades triple rampage! once in a life time... its a triplet!! nice landing look who it is!! the invicible men!! "please take your hat off when you enter a vehicle" 3 ppl in a 2 person helicopter lol (me, Hell, CLS) if you will get a parking ticket? ... dunno thx to * Hell * CLS * R@lfster * me
  9. i f*cking NEVER cheat!!! ik friggin' HATE cheating. i wil tell you how it happend.. i was on the back of the bike with ramon he stopped near that little house , but meanwhile my computer didn't load all the textures yet and stuff so the little house wasn't there yet. It got there when i already stepped off the bike then the textures loaded completly and i was trapped Geez relax man. I was wrong so what . You din't explain. I though it was a cheat because it is impossible to get there lol no man i was talking about cheating in general srry if i gave you the wrong ideas. the topic st
  10. just some thoughts.. * what if there was a /whereis option for your other teammates? let's say a teammate lost his vehicle and needs to be picked up or a teammate needs a pickup at a spawning point or whatever you would type /whereis teammate1 in the chatbox then his square starts blinking on the radar now i know my teammates exact location and can go pick him up. * set a prefix and color for each name .. for ex. ©_alias .. for Cop with a corresponding color (S)_alias .. for SWAT with a corresponding color etc.. * a friendly fire option .. so that, from the serverside, you can choose
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