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  1. im want to script a gate in the jails of LSPD but i dont know how to map the gate in the interior.. gate = createObject ( 2930, 266.39999, 88.4, 1002.7, 0, 0, 0 ) y got it but how to put in the interior????
  2. when i put the comand many times and created more than 1 barrier.. and put "/sacarbarrera" they are removed but with 1 problems.. 1- WARNING: com\com.lua:138: Bad argument @ 'destroyElement' [Expected element at argument 1] [DUP x4] please help! im new in scripting..
  3. i found the solution! i will share it if someone needs it like me..
  4. so i did this and seems it work! ( the code its right?) but I'd like you to tell me what this means: "vehicles[v].vehicleID" THAT "[v]" thats means the V? It works if I want you to check 1 single ID, but if I want you to check for example: ID 2 and ID 3 How do I define them? try this: local asd = 2, 3 but it does not work, just take the id 2, sorry for my ignorance but not even in tutorials I find the correct way to define various numbers
  5. bro i know.. but how i check the vehicle ID? im not talking about the default vehicles IDs like: police ranger 599, im talking about the IDs from data base of paradise gm...
  6. I've been 2 hours and a half trying to make an "onVehicleStartEnter" for the police faction, that only the police can get on the vehicle, I create an ingame vehicle that has: ID 2 (police ranger 599) but I do not know how to check the ID, I suppose that for someone with experience it will be a basic error but I try and I can not. Here I leave the resource vehicles so you can see it and can tell me how to check the ID of a vehicle (from the base data)
  7. @LyricalMM @LilDawage i do it : it is worked its right??
  8. Estoy con este comando pero no se como ponerle un setTimer, porque al ejecutar este comando y el que cierra, seguidos por elemplo , los tengo bindeado en 5 y 6, y empiezo a apretar 56565656 la barra no espera a llegar a su destino, y queda en un lugar cualquiera, entienden? entonces quiero poner un set timer con el tiempo que la barra llegue a su lugar, para que no lo usen asi seguido "565656" y la barra quede "loca" >.<
  9. Hello , i have this command Now the problem is, I want to be used by only one faction (fcpd fort carson police dept)the issue is that I have an external data base but very simple, it is the Paradise gamemode sure you know what I talking.How do I check from the database if the character is in "FCPD" (this is how the group is written) because I have no idea how to check with an external database ITS ALL ON PARADISE RP. this is the entire script of mysql.lua if u need it
  10. why? im new in script, i dont know what is better or not, i just fixed the bugs to do test scripts there, im new. fthe bus are fixed!
  11. @DeadthStrock very nice! its work to the first test, that was i needed. but i have a question.. what is the difference between this syntax: (its from wiki) and your syntax? (my command fix) @N3xT when I saw the examples that they gave me above, my script was completely incoherent I was using "cancelEvent" to stop the command, I think it was never going to work like that because I canceled it completely. its work with the script of DeadthStrock In any case I ask you, were you going to give a script similar to that of DeadthStrock? because I'd like to see your way of writing the code too, you always learn something new! do not laugh at my script poeple lol
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