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  1. im want to script a gate in the jails of LSPD but i dont know how to map the gate in the interior.. gate = createObject ( 2930, 266.39999, 88.4, 1002.7, 0, 0, 0 ) y got it but how to put in the interior????
  2. when i put the comand many times and created more than 1 barrier.. and put "/sacarbarrera" they are removed but with 1 problems.. 1- WARNING: com\com.lua:138: Bad argument @ 'destroyElement' [Expected element at argument 1] [DUP x4] please help! im new in scripting..
  3. i found the solution! i will share it if someone needs it like me..
  4. so i did this and seems it work! ( the code its right?) but I'd like you to tell me what this means: "vehicles[v].vehicleID" THAT "[v]" thats means the V? It works if I want you to check 1 single ID, but if I want you to check for example: ID 2 and ID 3 How do I define them? try this: local asd = 2, 3 but it does not work, just take the id 2, sorry for my ignorance but not even in tutorials I find the correct way to define various numbers
  5. bro i know.. but how i check the vehicle ID? im not talking about the default vehicles IDs like: police ranger 599, im talking about the IDs from data base of paradise gm...
  6. I've been 2 hours and a half trying to make an "onVehicleStartEnter" for the police faction, that only the police can get on the vehicle, I create an ingame vehicle that has: ID 2 (police ranger 599) but I do not know how to check the ID, I suppose that for someone with experience it will be a basic error but I try and I can not. Here I leave the resource vehicles so you can see it and can tell me how to check the ID of a vehicle (from the base data)
  7. @LyricalMM @LilDawage i do it : it is worked its right??
  8. Estoy con este comando pero no se como ponerle un setTimer, porque al ejecutar este comando y el que cierra, seguidos por elemplo , los tengo bindeado en 5 y 6, y empiezo a apretar 56565656 la barra no espera a llegar a su destino, y queda en un lugar cualquiera, entienden? entonces quiero poner un set timer con el tiempo que la barra llegue a su lugar, para que no lo usen asi seguido "565656" y la barra quede "loca" >.<
  9. Hello , i have this command Now the problem is, I want to be used by only one faction (fcpd fort carson police dept)the issue is that I have an external data base but very simple, it is the Paradise gamemode sure you know what I talking.How do I check from the database if the character is in "FCPD" (this is how the group is written) because I have no idea how to check with an external database ITS ALL ON PARADISE RP. this is the entire script of mysql.lua if u need it
  10. why? im new in script, i dont know what is better or not, i just fixed the bugs to do test scripts there, im new. fthe bus are fixed!
  11. @DeadthStrock very nice! its work to the first test, that was i needed. but i have a question.. what is the difference between this syntax: (its from wiki) and your syntax? (my command fix) @N3xT when I saw the examples that they gave me above, my script was completely incoherent I was using "cancelEvent" to stop the command, I think it was never going to work like that because I canceled it completely. its work with the script of DeadthStrock In any case I ask you, were you going to give a script similar to that of DeadthStrock? because I'd
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