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  1. Cheers, I had about 13 crashes yesterday so I have loads of the dump files. Mostly, it happens when something explodes such as vehicles or barrels. I have attached a zip of the 13 dumps. With the hunter, the rockets are allowed it just sometimes works and sometimes doesn't, and even fixed sometimes if I minamize and maxamize. This didn't used to happen on the old MTA Race on the same server.
  2. 1) sometimes when I get the hunter, the rockets and MG wont fire, I dont know why.. 2) In the new MTA sometimes I get very random crashes with no error messages, it just minamized and closes MTA, but no error..
  3. Bumping this topic I get these problems in the latest version..
  4. Hi, Sorry if this in the wrong section.. On the old MTA (Race) everything was fine and simple on the map editor, it worked no problem, but now I'm using the new one, on Win 7 64bit, and it has so many problems, I've converted my maps which I made in the race version, and they load up in the new map editor. But they fail to load the spawn points, pickups, etc. But when I re-load it they appear?? Also when I test any map it is fine untill I stop the testing and it goes into a black screen and I can't load anything. I have to restart the editor to load the map again. Please help.. I also get
  5. Nice promo video, always loved racing in MTA so I will have to check out your server sometime.
  6. Yateszy

    Steam & Win 7

    Does the new version of MTA with the Steam version of SA, and does it work on Windows 7 64bit? Just asking before I download SA. Also congratz on it being released, it's been ages in development.
  7. Yateszy

    Steam Version

    ok thanks, will search next time.
  8. Yateszy

    Steam Version

    Does MTA:DM work on the Steam version of San Andreas or do I need any patches? Cheers.
  9. Really cool, very nice video.
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