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    Smashin yo mofuckin face in with my fist, throwin back ice cold 40's, spittin
  1. [Removed by Robpol86: 20 copies of this post is nuff spamming..]
  2. [Removed by Robpol86: 20 copies of this post is nuff spamming..]
  3. i read the whole fuckin thread 6 pages thats well informed enuff i got better shit to do than be ontop of this bullshit errvryday
  4. You know what I'ma lay down my opinion right hurr even though KFG told me not to flame and be supportive... Bump..... thought u were our friend mang... Xenex or watever if your gang thread was deleted I bet you'dbe bitchin all over the fuckin place jump off the MTA penis And that little when "your mom betrays you" comment, my mom betrayed me i left my crib fuck that i dont take shit from nobody, i fight fire wit fire, sumone kills one of my friends damn right someones fuckin dying, thats how it works nowadays... And how is what KFG did such a hideous act when he deleted 3-6 threads, BUMP DE
  5. Utopia dun't hate I aint insultin your music watever it is and I'm sure you don't know alot about mines and I think the bases behind ne argument is knowledge other wise you just got a hollow point.. So educate yourself and than come back when your ready to debate instead of argue. this goes for everybody
  6. idk wtf u were tryin to say i think u were tryin to make fun of us... throw in some metaphors and wordplay.... wich is more than likely to tricky for you so just put the pen and paper down... we all kno you spent an hour writin that neway
  7. OUT out out..... if ur gonna make a joke outta of me and my music you can just leave.... Besides i think ur just mad u cant rap
  8. you kno it all doesnt have to be on some serial killin shit fo real....can be bout life best shit comes from the heart and im sure yall cats arent runnin round slicin and dicin in real life... so chill a lil on the serial murder shit NOTHER NON VIOLENT RYHME WRITTEN BY TEKKY Since 13 I've held a dream to be an emcee whose lyrics seem to move whole teams flowin smoother than cream but as i requieem i feen for the same inspiration that made me wanna put whack emcees on probation savin the nation from fraud lyrical proclamations when heard on radio stations they cause me irritations and a
  9. bummed more hostin off mac Those are actually mac11's but you get the point, the uzi 9mm is the gun thats not in mta that i was disapointed about.
  10. Ingram = MAC-10 i alrdy stated it was a typo its the UZI 9mm thats missing
  11. omg i know the difference between a mac-10 and a tec-9 and not the ingram, i meant the uzi-9mm, not the ingram mac-10, is the submachine gun u have to fire while standing still its not in mta I own a tec-9 i know what it is, mac 10 is the thing that looks like a block attached to a clip lol i'd post pics but i have no way to host[/img]
  12. expect to see yours truly TEK in the next one too
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