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  1. it doesn't work on my hosted server console .
  2. Hey, where i put libmysqlclient.so.16 if i dont have /usr/lib i tried to create usr/lib inside x64 wont work.
  3. Hello i need help in this script pls , problem WARNING: anno\main.lua:971: Bad argument @ 'dxCreateTexture' [Expected elemant at argument 1, got boolean] WARNING: anno\main.lua:972: Bad argument @ 'dxConvertPixels' [Expected elemant at argument 1, got boolean] this is a part of the script addEvent("onTakeScreen", true) addEventHandler("onTakeScreen", root, function(pixels) PlayerTexture = dxCreateTexture(pixels) PlayerPixels = dxConvertPixels(pixels, "png") AddScreenLabel:setEnabled(true) AddScreenLabel:setText("To take a photo") end)
  4. hello is there is a way to fix this glitch ?? https://prnt.sc/lgw9b8
  5. Ekko

    [HELP]ifp demo

    Hello i need help on ifp demo script , i want to make it dont repeat the animation because the small animations repeat so fast and some times some of them moving while repeating this is the client side : local animationManagerWindow = nil local replaceAnimationLabel, playAnimationLabel = nil, nil local restoreDefaultsButton, stopAnimationButton = nil, nil local replaceAnimationGridList, playAnimationGridList = nil, nil local isShowingAnimationBlocksInPlayGridList = true local currentBlockNameSelected = nil local isLocalPlayerAnimating = false local function PopulatePlayAnimationGridLis
  6. Ekko


    did you found the solution ?
  7. Hey i wanto to change the siterocket with this png help me pls .https://image.ibb.co/iPwuAA/rocket.png
  8. thanks man it work perfectly your the best
  9. when i add it specifically pls her is the tp marker = {} marker[1] = createMarker(1906.501953125, -2294.4736328125, 13.75768661499, "corona", 1.5, 100, 0, 100, 100) setElementInterior(marker[1], 56) setElementDimension (marker[1], 44 ) function TelePort(Element, hitElement) setElementInterior(Element, 0) setElementDimension (Element, 0) setElementInterior(hitElement, 0) setTimer(setElementInterior, 10, 1, Element, 0) setTimer(setElementInterior, 10, 1, hitElement, 0) setElementPosition(Element, 1335.4150390625, 446.3466796875, 20.284374237061, true) setElementFrozen(Element, true) setTime
  10. the object still dont show inside the garage (dimension/interior)
  11. i mean when i enter an elevator to tp to a garage the object disappear
  12. damn you are so good wow , can you make it when i enter elevetor the object dont disappear pls !! ?
  13. Ekko


    ok bro thanks ill try it
  14. Ekko


    i want a guiClick to stop the first script , the fist script is a video starts when player join the server i want when the player click the gui button he skip it (stop it) so he can select his character and spawning pls help me
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