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  1. You can also check out the Epic Apc by Chemical Light (buylink in youtube video description). That's a heavily modified SWAT car. I bought it and I have it on my server. It works great.
  2. I can't answer any of that, but the project looks active at this address: https://vk.com/radmirhorizon So I guess you could try to contact the owner there. Good luck! @Exonex
  3. We're working on an underwater treasure system as previously mentioned. Here are a few screenshots.
  4. New changes & fixes: - Network kicking increased from ping 1000 to ping 10.000. I listened to your opinion and I hope you will stop getting kicked so much now! - Finalized testing and fixed all known bugs in the new bazar system. Now it works very well. - Fixed a problem that some people were having after registering a new account. (Email still get sent into the secret spam folder. So wait 30 seconds and check ur spam folder. Im sure the email will be there. Gmail spam folder is extra hidden. You have to expand by clicking the little arrow symbol to see the spam folder.) - Added a new level system to building base objects (walls, etc.). It's a skill called construction and you can press 'P' in game to see your level. (Must login. Press 'L' 2 times to login) The system isnt 100 % finished. I still need to decide the levels and experience. Screenshots will be posted when it's fully done. - Fixed other minor errors and made some improvements. Next up: We will begin work on an underwater exploration/treasure script.
  5. There have been many changes in the past 3 weeks. Here are some worth mentioning: - New heavily armored and powerful S.W.A.T tank is available as a secret. It has different strong weapons capable of killing players, zombies and even destroy bases. Shooting it uses different materials, such as metal, sulfur and gun powder. - Health bar & name visible on people that you shoot. - New level up system for mining and woodcutting with rare materials.   - New marketplace/bazar, so players can sell stuff to each other. - Expanded on the new power system for each city, allowing players to earn power in a city, giving them better earnings and ability to things that you can't do without power. - Fixed bugs in the house system: Houses sell correctly and give money to the owner. House regeneration works based on the best house if you have multiple houses. - New ability in houses to “Enter House”, which takes you to your Rust base/sleeping bag, giving a fast way to go back to your base. - Store rebalancing in the major cities, so that you can now become rich from selling things that the big cities need. - Minigame to delivery an armor from one end of the city to the other side implemented, which gives a reward. - Chat math quizzes, allowing earning Los Santos dollars - New simple job in LS where you clean the beach from trash added as a way to earn LS dollars - Fixed many other things. Worth mentioning are: Cybergravity and Login panel. respectively now requires pressing ‘G’ or ‘L’ 2 times instead of 1. You can press ‘L’ and login even if you’re not in one of the major cities. Added fuel markers on gas stations where players can fill their Gallon (empty). Don’t remember you can also fill your empty water bottles when you stand in water. Reduced the amount of stuff you get from F2 “Free Stuff” by about 50%. - Created a new “Transfer” ability, which lets you sell city coins in exchange for city dollars. And many other minor things. Enjoy & have fun! Server IP: mtasa://
  6. Cool idea for a server. It's inspired by Apex Legends, right? I seem to remember a video of a new FPS game where an extract helicopter also landed and people would fight to get out. I like the lore aspect. It sounds interesting. Good luck!
  7. Hi, nice post. It takes a lot of knowledge, creative energy, effort and money to make an original server with fun gameplay. How do you keep the motivation going if there's only 0-5 people playing on your server? The other problem is a lot of people see MTA servers as ways to earn a living. These people might have created more original content and continued working on their server if they could earn money, but most MTA players are too poor to buy a better PC, so they're definitely too poor to donate any meaningful amount of money.
  8. Thanks for this. I tried it and it works without adaptation. However, I don't think it really improves all the trees. I noticed some of the trees actually get worse textures. Although all the models do get a bit better, becoming round, which is cool - but I don't really think it matters much, so I actually removed it again, thus saving players from downloading 2,5 mb. I'll still give ur post a good rating for the try though.
  9. - Finalized new buildable "Coin Bases SF/LV/LS" so players can make coins in their base from gold ore. These coins are particularly valuable. - Created "House HP regeneration". Now you can get HP every 7 seconds if you have a house. Expensive houses give more HP than cheap houses. - Added a lot of houses, mainly in LV. Houses come in classes 1-10, where a higher class house costs more, but is also more useful. - Added a lot of businesses that can generate money, while you're online. Businesses come from class 1-10, where class 10 is the most expensive - but also most profitable business. - Created numbers on the world map to identify turfs by number for tactical purposes. - Many other minor changes and fixes. Looking forward to see you on the server!
  10. Thanks for the script. I've added it to my server with some changes.
  11. And I'm sorry that you didn't take my feedback seriously and chose to write "sorry" and "contact in Discord" and "you didn't do it properly" or "it's easy" instead of taking a hard look at your horrible application quiz. You're obviously doing something right if your server reached 50 players. But in my opinion you are losing players on that application quiz and I stand by what I said. I'm not an idiot and I couldn't complete that horrible nonsense quiz in 30 minutes, so go figure. Is it really that easy? Have a nice day
  12. New turf system in Las Venturas You can capture turfs and fight other players/groups to control the city and earn rewards. New group teleport system You can save teleport up to 3 positions in any major city and go there. And many other small updates.. We are consistently working to improve the server with original ideas that promote teamwork and interesting gameplay for everyone. The server has a very low population, but we hope to gain popularity over time as we continue to improve the game and give players reasons to stay online and enjoy the server.
  13. The server is "finished", but we still continue to make updates to make the server more fun with more stuff to do. It would be too much to write everything, but I'll be sure to tell you about some of the updates here once in a while. Updates: - You can now "drop all resources" and "take all resources" in safes - Super rare helmet that stops all damage in the head - Zombies tag players for 5 min, so everyone can see you on the map if you attacked a zombie - Improved UI on Clean City Enterprises job in SF - Improved garbage truck spawn position and gave 10% free fuel for new garbage trucks in SF - Other different bug fixes and minor improvements - Continued work on the treasure hunter system (press K 2 times when in San Fierro) - Added reminders to login system so people remember to check their junk/spam inbox - Admins no longer get damaged in melee by zombies
  14. It's waaaaay to difficult to create an account. The information you provide in your wiki is not helpful enough to answer your application quiz. I spent 30 minutes trying to complete the login procedure. Then I raged and gave up. Definitely not going to try this server out now. Fix your wiki or application - it's awful and leaves no room for error. The search doesn't work properly on the wiki. The different texts do not specifically answer your question or they are too hard to locate to get the specfic answer for the quiz. .. How you have 7 people online in your server right now goes beyond my wildest imagination. They must be the people from your group of friends whom you've given the correct answers. There is a special place in hell for these kinds of MTA server login panels/applications. You litterally hooked a randomized web form up to an ingame browser, that forces 12 out of 12 correct answers to questions that in most cases are not explained explicitely and well enough.
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