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  1. Hi, I'm always looking for skilled scripters to act as a backup and fill in extra time whenever my main scripter is unavailable. Just add me on Discord: Nixon#8315 - Русскоязычные скриптеры тоже ОК - Some programming could be object oriented (oop) and we use both sqlite and mysql. - Possible work hours (week days 18:00 CET - 24:00 CET, weekends 10:00 - 24:00 CET) - Central European Time - Majority of the work will be us sitting together in Discord, where I test and give you information about what to do, while you make the code changes and upload them right away into
  2. Do you have any topic about that project and how it's going?
  3. Hi, I want to add challenging AI peds to fight against on my server. Some of you have been in this community for a long time. Can you point me in the direction of the best and most advanced AI scripts that have been released? Or at least tell me what options exist for some advanced AI? Thanks in advance!
  4. Do you have a bad computer, but you wanna play Rust? OK, you can come and play on my server. Picture of a player hiding his precious sanchez in the bushes (sanchez is very rare) while he is out hunting other players. First of all, the server is very easy to learn how to play and you don't need to register any account, so just connect and play! mtasa:// - The 3 cities are locked (SF, LS, LV), the map is edited to give better places for bases. - Loot is placed all over the world, but there's more loot inside radioactive zones. - Th
  5. Thank you for your hard work! I am already enjoying working with this server and making new features.
  6. [LF] Skilled scripter for specific & well described scripting work. [Paid] I'm a long time MTA fan/player since 2010. I have an MTA server running for creative & development purposes. I like designing and describing scripting ideas for my server and enjoy seeing them become reality. My own scripting knowledge is very limited, so I prefer to leave development up to others and focus on design and test. The server is in early stages and there are no players except for friends who sometimes log in when I ask them. My dream is to make a server that will be regularly played and enj
  7. W Will I benefit from a cpu at 4-5 ghz? Are there situations where I can benefit from 64gb ram and 7700k at 5ghz?
  8. Well, what about a server with a lot of scripts and 500 players? @Mr_Moosesaid you need 64gb ram.
  9. How strong does a big server need to be to run with 500 players? @Simplex @Mr_Moose
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