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  1. Spakye


    Ok so the problem is the event handler for the button is out of the function, wich means when the ressource start it can't find the button as it was not created yet so it fails. I recommend you to do something like this : function createGuis() --in this function you place all the guis and event handler attached to guis element window = guiCreateWindow((sW - 406) / 2, (sH - 461) / 2, 455, 465, "Window", false) windowbutton1 = guiCreateButton(330, 432, 118, 22, "butt", false, window) addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick",windowbutton1,myFunction,false) guiSetVisible(window, false
  2. Spakye


    Do you call the function window() at some point?
  3. Spakye


    I tried the code and i have an error, the problem is the function comes after the handler, place the function before.
  4. Spakye


    Im not sure why it doesnt work, any errors in debug?
  5. Spakye

    ripple effect

    Hello, have you tried with this ? guiSetProperty ( element guiElement, string property, string value ) http://static.cegui.org.uk/static/WindowsLookProperties.html#Button
  6. Spakye


    local myButton = -- your button code addEventHandler("onClientGUIClick", myButton, myFunction, false) -- this event call the function when the button is clicked function myFunction() -- what to do when the button is clicked end addCommandHandler ( "z", myFunction )
  7. Spakye


    Hello, idk if it will work but you can try with triggerEvent()
  8. Ok thanks ill keep in that way then
  9. Hello! Im currently working on an npc system similar to npcs in bethesda games like elder scrolls or fallout. Basicly if you are close enough to a character, you get an option to talk with him. For each line that the character has, you have few possible answers, each answer will lead you to an other line with new answers, ... Right now all the npcs's datas are saved in a client file like this : npcsData = { { 32.359825134277, --x 39.314876556396, --y 3.1171875, --z 67.613670349121, --rotation 249, --skin 30, --weapon id 0, --interior 0, -- dimension "Spakye",
  10. Hello, i guess use onClientPlayerWeaponFire and check if the player is on fire with isPedOnFire. Cancel event if he is
  11. Spakye


    local markersData = { --{x, y, z, interior, dimension}, } function createBlackjackMarkers() for i, m in ipairs(markersData) do local newMarker = createMarker( m[1], m[2], m[3], "cylinder") setElementInterior(newMarker, m[4]) setElementDimension(newMarker, m[5]) -- add your event handler here end Hello, if i understand well i would do something like that
  12. Hello, I didnt use Slothbot in a long time but i believe "waiting" state wont make him peacefull, it will make him wait until he sees someone, if the player isnt in his team then the bot will chase and shoot, if the player is in his team then he will follow him. So in your script the Bot will always shoot you as soon as he sees you ( assuming im right about the waiting state and if you are not in the same team). Maybe try to use setBotAttackEnabled to false when you spawn it.
  13. Hello, did you try to set the velocity of the projectile when creating it ? you can do it in optional arguments of createProjectile()
  14. ok to store it but then what would you do ? Something like keep the nickname simple (in my case spakye), then modify the scoreboard for it to add the clantag before the nickname and do the same thing when people send a message in the chat ? Is it what you had in mind?
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