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  1. ok to store it but then what would you do ? Something like keep the nickname simple (in my case spakye), then modify the scoreboard for it to add the clantag before the nickname and do the same thing when people send a message in the chat ? Is it what you had in mind?
  2. This will change the whole nick to a specific color, i wish people to be able to fully customize the clan tag with few colors. I guess a solution is to edit the scoreboard for it to show clantag..nickname and also to modify the chat so when people writte a message it will show clantag..nickname.. ": "..themessage but maybe there is an easier solution. Right now the way it works is they pick a tag limitation such as [ ] or |, a color for this limitation, a tag wich can include color codes, and finally a color for the player name and blip. So it look like this if the limitation i
  3. Hello, im working on a clan system wich let you choose a clan tag that includes color codes. When a player logs in it should change his name to add his clan tag. Though the function setPlayerName only allows 22 characters and color codes makes it longer. This is the string i want to have as my nickname : #344F25TM#0C1109|#23331BSpakye once you remove the color code it should be TM|Spakye with some colors. Is there a way to bypass this limit of 22 characters ?
  4. local class = { --class name, hp, armor, skin, { {weapon id, weapon ammo} } {"Juggernaut", 100, 100, 0,{ {30,200},{24,50}, {34,10} } }, }
  5. Hello, if i understand well you can use setElementRotation() and setTimer() Edit : if you wish a smooth movement you could use moveObject()
  6. Hello, you can store a var like canEnter = true then when the player leaves the gui you turn it to false and start a timer that will turn it to true after 3mins. setTimer(function() canEnter=true end, 180000,1)
  7. I believe you need to check the source manually. like if source == buttonAuth then your function Take a look at onDgsMouseClick event in the wiki edit: nevermind im wrong
  8. nvm problem solved!
  9. Hi guys, i have an issue with my own login panel, whenever i create a new account and then try to login the console says that the password is incorect. The weird thing is that i did this login panel like months ago and everything was working fine. i didnt touch it since and today i have this problem. I did few tests, using some outputchatbox and searching in the internal db. I know for sure that accounts are created and that i dont send an hashed password when registering or login in. I can log in perfectly fine with all the accounts that i made before today. I also have a
  10. Hello, i dont think you need to use getElementType since the source of the event will always be the player that got dammaged. Also use getElementModel() instead of getPedSkin. any error ?
  11. I see one little mistake, in your errors messages you use vehicles_notes and in your screenshot of the db you use vehicle_notes
  12. Hello, you are using numbers on line 6 in the outputChatBox but you didnt assign any value to it. you should add this to the dchat function and i guess it should work. local numbers = tostring(math.random(1,100))
  13. then use toJson to store the skin table in the database
  14. hello, SELECT * FROM staff WHERE hasPermission = 'true'
  15. If you are using mta account system you dont need a data base just to store a skin, use setAccountData() to save the skin then when the player join use getAccountData() to get the skin and apply it to the player
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