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  1. holy :~ , 85% of times i use sp in warehouse i get this annoying stab anim , the anim itself is called knife_1 , i hate it , it's the only reason i die , this annoying thing happens only when aiming at someone, im sick of it , it's the reason i toke a broke from knife for 3 months
  2. When i join the server and if i press Alt + tab my screen stays black and i can't do nothing about it so i restart my pc..... i don't have this problem with other games , and it does the same thing to all servers
  3. no matter which server i try to join , it says "You were kicked from the game (VF #4 OQLA)" or "Connection To The server was Lost" (i already allowed MTA through firewall but still nothing) , single thing i did was to MOD gta3.img but i did that in the past and i could join servers, and set fov to 650 in coreconfig.xml , i have reinstalled the game and it still says the same things.....
  4. is this a bug? i can't type Russian Words in object and vehicle search bar (Map Editor) :
  5. Hello, is there a way to copy and drag and place multiple objects at a time? , i need to create aircraft carriers but it's hard to put interior in the perfect place, the annoying part is when you tilt the hull, and have to match the interior perfectly, sorry for my bad english.
  6. No Matter What Skin I Choose, When I Start The Game It Says This: Load failed. Please ensure that the latest data files have been installed correctly. ,, This Happens When I Delete The Images in C:\Program Files (x86)\MTA San Andreas 1.5\MTA\cgui\images And Replace With The Ones In The .zip File . Am I Doing It Correctly?
  7. ye but i didn't use cheat engine on MTA i used cheat engine to complete cesar viaplando Mission In GTA:SA Story oh xd just uninstalled cheat engine didn't expect cheat engine on gta:sa could affect my multi theft auto, big mistake finally i can edit my maps
  8. I Don't Understand Why This Happens, I Modified GTA SA with just IMGTool To Put In Titanic Wreck Then I Went Back To MTA And It Says You Were Kicked From The Game Make Sure No Program Is Modyifing MTA:SA, WTH I Opened Task Manager I Didn't see IMGTool In There I Reinstalled MTA:SA And GTA SA (I Deleted The Mod Before Reinstalling But It Still Didn't Work) Im Really Confused I Can't Play On Any Server I Scanned For Viruses It Only Showed A PUP But Still Didn't work Properly, Please Help
  9. So I Want To Connect Into Freeroam [P] Or Graufroam Phantom Server But (AC #4 CERA) Kicks Me For Absolutely No Reason I've Tried To Re-enter Many Times But It Didn't Work...Please Help