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  1. CodyJ(L) I wrote reply but i think its not sent! thank you for ur amazing job it works fine the only problem is loading takes rly long time like 10 minutes ( thats not rly big problem )! i tried loading it in editor and it worked and its rly usefull to idk maybe add some buildings , but to remove orginal buildings i just remove them from JSP file! but anyway u did rly a great job and i think u saved me a month so thank you
  2. Hey everyone , its been long time that im thinking about making a total conversion on a multi player launcher since i heard about the mta and modding with it i start thinking about creating a server with vice city map! but im not sure if mta can handle it or not! i mean i know gta sa limits and i had alot of errors and crashes , so i dont want to waste my time again cause im rly busy these days . so if anyone tried that or know about mta limits i rly appreciate that if they let me know
  3. really? u wanna keep asking these questions to make a gamemode and tell u wrote it ur self? god bless u my friend first start learnin lua basics then start practicing mta events and functions then maybe u could write a gamemode ur self u know why im saying this? because when u cant write these basic things how u wanna write for example full functional faction system? if i want to be honest i hate guys like u who wants to abuse other peoples help, so if u wanna write a gamemode learn scripting and write it yourself and dont waste our time i respect everyone on this forum but i have to say something to all of them , dont waste ur time guys let him learn something