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  1. At Valhalla were fully aware of the fact that this is a beta and the most important thing for us to make a good impression and do our best in allowing the dev's to iron out whatever smaller issues remain as they prevent themselves. It should be noted that for this reason the strict roleplay sense of the server will not be fully enforced. All that we ask is that if you want to do whatever tests in the server you do so without interrupting another players roleplay that maybe happening nearby. (For example, mindless DM can't be tolerated.) We also ask that you remain open minded when testing th
  2. I've noticed that they don't appear to be synced fully, I'll often be in vent and someone will ask me if they see a certain vehicle door open. Which I sometimes do but more times that usual I don't. I'm not sure if its a solid object, but if vehicle doors became properly synced then the possibility of using them for cover when under fire would be useful.
  3. Bit of a nooby question, I have heard in the past that MTA supports key binds through the use of it's in game console. By that Im referring to a means of linking a line of text to a single keyboard button, so that when that button is pressed whilst not in the chat mode ('t' having been pressed) that line of text is shown or the command executed. I know the SAMP server for example has lots of external based applications for key binding but I've not managed to find any that work for MTA's 1.0/nightly builds yet. I've checked the wiki for details on this and I've not found any information on it
  4. SAMP also has the limit of I think its 70 different vehicle types.. MTA doesn't
  5. I'd think this would be used for IP addresses to other servers or maybe even a website address, if I wanted to link someone to this post for example I could link that in game and then maybe someone could copy it and paste it into their browser (Of course all that is redundant without alt-tab). I think the copy and paste and the menu ideas are great; small tweaks though but a good idea non-the-less.
  6. The Valhalla roleplay server can get players in on the beta, if someone wanted to see. We have one or two bugs that need addressing tho, but we have the lag down quite a bit from what I hear.
  7. lol I hope this is an april fools thing
  8. This happens sometimes from what I've noticed, usually the best solution has always been to restart the whole client where it usually fixes it. I've only ever had it tho where I connected to a server and it stopped working, never just randomly whilst playing. I can always use it on the title screen, but not always in game. The keyboard would work as normal but just not the mouse.
  9. How do the log in's work? Can more than one computer use it (not at the same time)? I move all the time so it can't be unique to a certain IP.
  10. There's definitely a resemblance. Not a good one though lol
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