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  1. NeCrOn

    "Invald Excutable"

    I installed patch 1.1 and then got "You have a modified MTA reinstall" reinstalled MTA and now it runs fine.
  2. NeCrOn

    "Invald Excutable"

    Obviously its not sorted then.
  3. NeCrOn

    "Invald Excutable"

    I have the same exact problem.
  4. However, you have no sense of the English language/typing skills in any way whatsoever. Your an eyesore to humainity, 'Most of us don't deserve to live, some people less'. Your one of the less.
  5. NeCrOn

    computer restart

    Because their is a serious error.
  6. Yea, its especially a pain with the stubby if you get knocked down. The remington seems to fire extremely freaking fast though. Thats why I stay in my car. I'm like a driver, I drive you kill.
  7. NeCrOn

    The Hunted

    Well, if I have a firetruck, and your on a pcj, my firetruck is going to ram the bejebus out of the motorcycle. Then run you over, again and again. Then I will run like hell.
  8. Eh, from my view, having a good ping don't seem to help. I always die, since everyone else somehow takes three magazines of assault rifle and don't go down, then suddenly they start losing health, by that time its too late.
  9. I think M60, while it gets the job done, is kind of cheap. Anyways, I could never get a video like that since, well, I can shoot someone forever and their health never goes down, because of lag, cheats, desyncing or something. I can unload so many magazines and yet they do not die. Then all of a sudden they start losing health.
  10. Simple Minded aka. Simple Plan.
  11. Meh, Pi kept calling everyone pussys, it was a annoying, no loss there.
  12. I turned music off, its so damn annoying.
  13. The movie was good, however I hate simple minded.
  14. Aliens Sergeant Apone: All right, people, what are you waiting for? Breakfast in bed? Another glorious day in the corps! A day in the Marine Corps is like a day on the farm. Every meal's a banquet! Every paycheck a fortune! Every formation a parade! I LOVE the corps!
  15. Ummm, if you don't like his server/rules, don't play on it?
  16. Well I could see, like, if a server made a pack of models/etc. then said we use blah.zip pack or something. Then you download that, then people are on equal grounds it would be nice.
  17. I don't know, for lamers like me spikes would just be one more thing to harrass people with. Half the time I play I just go around running people over, then getting the hell out, just constantly harrassing them.
  18. NeCrOn

    radar colors

    Sometimes when I join cops or Mexicans all the blips are yellow, anything else will be regular. I thought Racer was the redish brown color.
  19. Ok video. After a few stunts, seeing partly the same thing again got kind of boring, thought I know you limited by what the bike can do.
  20. Start from zero????? Have you tried hitting reset game button, then start game, then finding the exe file, thats what it always does to me. Makes me select gta-vc, mind you it already has it, it just makes me hit open.
  21. Well, a Heli flys in that zone just make it go BLAMO! like water.
  22. He said it was locked out, maybe you should try just starting MTA without joining a server then see if its not.
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