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  1. No problem. I am always glad to help. In the nearest future I am thinking about to find out all of existing bugs with help of SAAW community, of course.
  2. This should help: 1) Install vanilla GTA San Andreas. 2) Clear MTA server resources. 3) If you have ENB for GTA and/or MTA - delete it. Any ENB causes too much bugs. 4) Delete CLEO, ASI loader, modloader and other modifications that uses .asi or .cleo files. P.S - If you will have this bug after all 'fixes' that I've suggested to you - try to find something out in the net.
  3. It's probably MTA collision bug, that causes missing collision of some objects. The second reason of this bug can be scripts that works not correct.
  4. Contact with me: JN#0442. I've sent an invite to you in discord.
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