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    New Anime Server (Anime Otaku)

    Ok, Dutchman101 thanks for the warning I just add some infos about me and the server , but not sure if it's enough. Ok
  2. Hi Guys My name is dico, and i'm a programmer (c, c++, directx / opengl) This month i start a server on my vps so i can get fun and knowing new friends around the world. and what i did , is a new F1 panel created with new features like (new weapons, flying, god powers and many more) in that menu there is 7 levels (player, vip, svip,mod,smod, admin, and Mode god) The player earn levels by his hours until he get the final level "Mode God" there is also a gate so players can get in and see another world with zombies and some horror scenes you can go to this gate by typing in chat "/gate" or in console "gate" or the easiest way you can go to it from F1 panel This server just for fun and when i have time i will add more features to it. a Video from the server now the server info Name : Anime Otaku Ip : mtasa:// Hope I see you there guys !