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  1. Hello I am here with another map) We are in a big forest which siren head's home. Siren Head hears, Sees your every step (not joke). It's hard to catch Siren Head, when you drive on it, it moves away fastly or slowly (completely random), sometimes it can touch you and every touch makes you more weak. Almost every object has artificial shadows Also, Your health decreases if you fall in Radioactive Pits. Credits: Map & Scripts by Nebla Siren Head Model By Memeboi
  2. Hey there, today i present you my latest map "Oil Rigs." The map looks like on oil rigs also it has random scripts. You can see moving Planes, Boats, Trucks, Cars, a Cargo ship and more. Just take a trip around the map and see which actions you enable, also every checkpoint you get will enable a script) collisions are disabled for walls, pipes, walls, columns, cranes, and others. (for the main map you started.) Screenshots here is a video about it )
  3. More than one month )
  4. I always wanted to create a facility on the mars like Elon musk, woho .. that's not possible. I have just imagined how it would be. And i have created the Mars Facility in my dreams and I didn't forget to add some little details on it) FEATURES In this map there are three panels over the map lets you enable/disable the scripts. 1. Irrigation System: there is a script panel in the artifical garden place that lets you watering plants, if you hit the red marker Irrigation system will stop and then if you hit the green marker, it will start to watering plants again. 2. Nexcar Lights ON /
  5. Hey there, my nickname in game is Nebla, I am making map since 2014, I make special, private maps for roleplay & other servers for a small fee. You can check my all maps In my YouTube Channel / Playlists Some examples: My Volume maps "Mass Effect" "Ka-Chow" "Ineffable" You know a game "Mass Effect 3" and when I played it, i have decided to make a map about it. it was very hard to put scripts but I didn' t get a help from anyone while puting them but it doesn't mean that i am a script master or scripter. I just got the scripts from mtasa.com/scripting that's all)
  6. Hi i wanted to played mta a bit today but it says that i am banned from mta "17 hours" without reason wtf? btw i am playing in the internet cafe because my pc is broke unban me please! i didn't do anything.. SERIAL: 2E3CBC408B9F90D93552BE51A935A5A1
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