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  1. this server still the best for me but they people just don't support the best things like this server
  2. I have old screenshot in your server but i love it and i invite all my frined in it for real i don't lying you can check my old account : SULTAN
  3. alright no way i tried to get lvl 22 and he said get 5 hours to back your rank my old account is = SULTAN but i don't remember the password and my old nickname : Sultan-I-Ekram-Han-Hz and my resoultaion was bad so i can't give ss with lvl or xp
  4. ikr accept my friend request in discord @R4FSAN @Einheit-101 thanks for help <3
  5. RA4FASN is online can u talk with him to back my stuff again he online now if u can join server and back my stuff better he afk now my name was SULTAN and something that's my old nickname
  6. i'm old player in your server and i frogot my username and password can you back it please i really tired to get 22 level and no admins was to kick people trolling and spammers so if u have facebook or discord , or anything to contact server support