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  1. Well, I understood what it does and what every variable do. But, I'm not even good in scripting so the problem is where exactly to put you code in my code? I tried to do it but the script doesn't work at all after adding your code.
  2. sorry, but I haven't understand what it does exactly so can you edit my code itself ? thanks in advance
  3. Hey, I'm stuck with this script local x,y = guiGetScreenSize() local defScale = 0 local currentScale = defScale local maxScale = 2 local step = 0.08 local turn = true local font = "sans" local text = "Is#99ccaaGh" function renderPulse() if turn == true then currentScale = currentScale + step if currentScale > maxScale then currentScale = maxScale turn = false end else currentScale = currentScale - step if currentScale < defScale then if text == "#99ccaaOdyssey Metamorphosis" then step = 0 else font = "bankgothic" text = "#99ccaaOdyssey Metamorphosis" turn = true end end end local width = dxGetTextWidth(text,currentScale,font, true) local height = dxGetFontHeight(currentScale,font) dxDrawText(text,x/2-width/2,100,width,height,tocolor(0, 204, 170, 255),currentScale,font, "left", "top", false,false,false,true) end addEventHandler("onClientRender",getRootElement(),renderPulse) What it actually do is to write "IsGh" with size 0 and then reach the size of 2 then gets back to size 0 then writes"Odyssey Metamorphosis" with size 0, reach the size of 2 and gets back to 0. But I want to make it's alpha gets from 0 to 255 while "IsGh" size gets from 0 to 2 and "odyssey metamorphosis"s alpha gets from 255 to 0 while it's size is getting from 2 to 0 I haven't find anyway to do it so i thought posting it here will be a better solution.