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  1. Ahoj RATAJ, zvuky vo windowse mam na plnoV hre mam tiež všeko na max. Sluchadla som tiež skúšal, práve teraz idem preinštalovať MTA, ďakujem za podporu
  2. ALL ON, in MTA too, sounds in computer working. I have Windows 10
  3. I doesnt listen anything, help guys MTA.
  4. EnRo1337

    No sound in MTA

    I've been playing MTA for 4 years, and this has been the first time
  5. EnRo1337

    No sound in MTA

    Bro I've even uninstalled it. but it is still not possible
  6. EnRo1337

    No sound in MTA

    Yes everywhere is the volume But in MtA It's nothing
  7. EnRo1337

    No sound in MTA

    GTA SA is working normally, MTA is nothing Čau miki #Shooter
  8. EnRo1337

    No sound in MTA

    I need help No sound https://pastebin.mtasa.com/322133150