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  1. Ok, thanks. Last question. How to turn off build in ACL system and everything that belongs to it(logIn, addAccount ...).
  2. Then is it possible to make my own "Command access handler"? So when player types any command it triggers some event before actually forwarding function to its personal command handler. Would it affect speed by a noticeable amount?
  3. I know about addAccount. But I already have account stored in MySQL db. Is there anyway using acl without addAccount.
  4. I am using MySQL db for storing accounts instead of using build in functions. I had to use MySQL for certain reasons. How ever I still want to use ACL lists for access control. What would be the best way without duplicating my MySQL db to SQLlite db?
  5. Hi. I was thinking to create map from 0 using 3ds max. But I can't find much information about creating maps in 3ds max. Most of the info is on creating models, interiors and some small map on top of original map. But I want to start from empty map. Is there any place I can find more info about global mapping?
  6. Hi, I am trying to set players name with setPlayerName(). It works, how ever I want ot do it silently(without mesage that user has changed nick). I have tried player:setName() and it didn't work.