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  1. Stop with the useless statements and mind your own business
  2. Just mind your own business, please. If you think he's doing all well, wait until someone from SAES founds out about this or a mta moderator.
  3. Hello dear mta community. There is a server that i recently found. It's a RPG server that uses the same name as ours. I went there to take a look and talk to the one in charge of there. The one who seemed to be in charge was a guy named Tom. I asked him friendly why he were using our server name on his server (SARS:RPG). He told me that he was the one who invented that name first and that we stole that name from him. I'm certain that we didn't. But i guess there is a chance that a random server would end up having the same name.. even though it's odd. I was just going to talk to him about the name but then i noticed that Tom have stolen not only our name (if it's true) but scripts from another server. Actually SAES:RPG. It's pretty much a total copy of it. So this lead to me asking him a second question about the scripts which ended up with me being banned from the server. I don't think this is right and i believe that this should be taken care of or atleast be aware of. That Tom will probably not get anywhere because of this anyway. I know this is what you want to see, so here is proof. This is the server IP: mtasa:// Images: http://imgur.com/gallery/XFMuTai