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  1. what about the time when MTA released new versions more often to fix bug etc to please the community .... DAMN MTA ! shame on you guys !
  2. Shu

    Missing the old days... :(

    I was in 0.5 times When MTA:VC was released, i came to play some week after that. So... Im not actually old school gamer, but i still miss 0.5 days you haven't played mta until you have been in a stubby war at the original robber spawn (0.3r2) hehe so true loved that ! (started with 0.2)
  3. being a coder myself, I've learned that when you do private beta testing it takes longer to spot bugs ! Making it public allows the public to spot bugs and the coders to fix them very quickly !
  4. and when i launch gta sa alone, i can't see the text .... it's wierd my game is fucked up
  5. i can't seem to find the same problem around here ... i start mta refresh server list choose a server and hit connect popup comes, dunno what's on it, the game quits and i see the report thingy, and it fails reporting all the time ....
  6. Then why put it at 100% if you're not ready? true true !
  7. 100% and not out .... what the heck? Latest release: MTA 5 (31/01/2005)
  8. SINCE MTA : Blue is on a new core, a revolutionary core, it could be possible to have peds! i'm just *'&"'( asking ....
  9. bah perhaps in GTA San andreas u'll see peds
  10. will u implement the AI citizen ? thx for your reply
  11. Shu

    GTA3:MTA Poll

    definetly option 1
  12. 1. Windows XP sp1 + hotfixes pre sp2 2. Hub Dlink 3. D:\Jeux\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City 4. D:\Jeux\MTA 5. NO 6. YES 7. 1.1 8. YES 9. INSTALLER System specs: AMD Athlon XP 1600+ 512DDR 266mhz GeForce 4 TI 4200 64DDR MSI K7T266 Pro 2
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