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  1. GamerX27

    MTA Menu Lag

    Had the same problem Reinstall both gta sa and mta sa. when you launch the same goto windowed mode. also refer to @Dutchman101 link he provided to you.
  2. Owlgaming is the only rp server on mta at the moment...
  3. GamerX27

    MTA Menu Lag

    Can anyone help???
  4. GamerX27

    MTA Menu Lag

    Hello, I've been experiencing menu lag for two weeks now. I was just playing some Owlgaming, and my game crashed when I got back into the MTA the menu is very laggy. I've tried to changed the video and advance settings and I'm still lagging. I'm a mid spec gamer with a NVIDIA GTX card, Intel Core i5 7th gen proceccor, and 8 gigs of ram. I've REINSTALLED GTA SA and MTA many times, and I'm still lagging like a bitch. I'm using the STEAM version of GTA SA, and I've been using the STEAM version to play on MTA SA, I was running from 30-50 fps before this issue, and now I run 3-7 FPS with the menu lag. Please help me