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  1. car on packer... very very hard
  2. thats a very smart idea. just the only thing is when a dumbass will drive up behind you and run you over :-\. i think they might have thought of this and the didnt add the feature because people lag and if their lagging it would sound like an engine stopping and going over and over
  3. you can hear their wheels spinning but you cant the motor like you can in regular vice
  4. will there be sounds for other veichles that people are driving in 0.4? its kinda weird having a silent car or a car skidding its wheels when it drives past
  5. well i think syncing trafic lights just to start races is useless. i think this because since everyone will have the same time they can just say "ok, everyone go when the clock gets to 5:40" or whatever time. the traffic lights are pretty useless. maybe even put the !countdown in the server.exe and in the config for the mta server have an option to turn the script on or off so that more servers will have countdown (because some are lazy and dont feel like installing it )
  6. i thought everything was done according to time. ex: it will rain at a certain time each day, or the traffic lights change at the same time. if this is true then the server can just send the time in some sort of packet or something to the client and the client just changes the time. then there will be no lag
  7. hey, i have mp3 randomizer but every time i open it it tries to load vc. would i have to put mp3 randomizer as the gtavc exe for mta?
  8. would it be possible for the server to have a specific game time so that everyone on each client has the same time up in the corner? it just gets kind of annoying because of the "mp3 player" radio station always starts with the same song
  9. i once backed a truck up into a bike and shot into the air. i got $873 for it
  10. i get unhandled exception when i get on the back of a bike when no one is in drivers seat. also when im jsut drivin around water hits my screen for no reason :\
  11. how does he have 900 health in that screen shot?
  12. can you even have custom cars while playing MTA?
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