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  1. I've looked for the correct subforum, if I made mistake, move it to the correct one then. The question is, is it possible to script in other language, such as NodeJS. I only found slipe/c# , is there any other
  2. Unkovic

    Road arrows

    Is there any object like this? Can be custom.
  3. Unkovic

    [HELP] Map

    Sorry for bad english. When i start map resource, okay? At this place from image, map moderate with invisibility, okay? (become visible, than invisible when i move) On MTA Map Editor, when i Press test, map works properly, okay? So where is the problem?
  4. Unkovic

    [HELP] Map

    I just remove object, and it works on mta test map editor, but it moderate with invisibility on gamemode
  5. Unkovic

    Parkour IFPs

    What is this? Official link?
  6. Unkovic

    Parkour IFPs

    So, the new update = new ideas. So, is there any parkour animation/.ifp file. Animation like in parkour mod etc...
  7. I started mapping, and i want to remove whole pier in LS, and i removed wheel, but this is piece that wont delete.
  8. How we can create custom anims?
  9. function CC(player, cmd) if(tonumber(getPlayerAnnounceValue(player, "Admin")) > 0) then clearChatBox() outputChatBox("#7C7A7A [#560000 WARBOOT #7C7A7A] #FF0000 [JETPACK] #FFFFFF ChatBox cleared by Admin", getAllPlayers(), 255, 0, 0, true) else outputChatBox("#7C7A7A [#560000 WARBOOT #7C7A7A] #4286F4 [PERMISSION] #FFFFFF You dont have rights to use this command.", player, 255, 0, 0, true) end end this dont work. Idk why, version is 1.5.5 installed 25.8.2018
  10. function PanelInf() guiSetText(informacije, triggerServerEvent("CheckPanel", getLocalPlayer())) end Clientside function checkP() stringic = string.format("Server Max Players: %d\nPlayers Online: %d", tonumber(getServerConfigSetting("maxplayers")), getPlayerCount() ) end Server side Where am I wrong, tell me
  11. Is that possible? For example, if player changes his nick to keep his old nick?
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