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  1. nagymark686


    can you make this for me, please? or any other hospital interior... and would you like to be server developer? we have made a complier system so that we can understand the language of the other language.
  2. nagymark686


    and i wanted this for hospital interior. i maked everything what i see the video but the game crashd.... sorry my bad english. i from hungary XD
  3. nagymark686


    i downloaded from sketchup
  4. nagymark686


    this is for th this for supertraffi amugy magyar vagy?
  5. nagymark686


    hello.. i tried everything to makeing modell for mta sa but when i put in not work corretly the collosion and the texture is white....
  6. nagymark686

    Fight Style/animations

    Hello. I want to know how to add costum animations, fightning styles to mta. please help me.
  7. nagymark686

    help please.. - setVehicleComponentPosition- move spoiler...

    and if i want to "if speed =< 70" how to add to this?
  8. nagymark686

    help please.. - setVehicleComponentPosition- move spoiler...

    i maded thih but not working
  9. nagymark686

    help please.. - setVehicleComponentPosition- move spoiler...

    and you help me corret this? i mean you write down for me, please?
  10. i need help, how to make this work. Please... -- Bind keys function bindsetVehicleComponentPosition() bindKey(source, "p", "down", "setVehicleComponentPosition") end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", root, bindTurnIndicators) -- Bind on resource start for k,v in pairs(getElementsByType("players")) do bindKey(v, "p", "down", "resetVehicleComponentPosition") outputServerLog("player: "..getPlayerName(v)) end -- Toggling Spoiler function setVehicleComponentPosition( veh ) if thePlayer press "p" setVehicleComponentPosition (theVeh, "movspoiler_25.0_3000", -0,003, -1,99, 0,48, 0) end I also wanted to know how to work this: