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  1. How can i clear server history on server browser? https://prnt.sc/o1hzar
  2. I have no knowledge of what happened here.
  3. I can't jump too high on a Bmx bike, as if an add-on is preventing me from jumping high. Does the BMX bike have a plug that I can jump higher?
  4. I want hide my scripts with .cmf extension. DayZ servers hide their scripts with an .cmf extension. How can i hide my scripts with .cmf extension? https://prnt.sc/lvnmyp
  5. I don't want fileDelete function because players don't want download server scripts again Do you have an another suggestion? MTA PUBG servers how hide their scripts? I want like their.
  6. I want my files not stolen from the my server. How can I hide my files?
  7. I didn't find default mta login system where is it?
  8. How can i make invisible or remove this text?
  9. Hi everybody i have a problem. I removed some buildings with the mta map editor. But when it gets dark the lights of the building create a ridiculous image. Can you help me find a solution? IMG FILE
  10. overlocus


    I don't know why, but I've been banned from MTA for one day. Reason: TRAINER How can i unban?
  11. overlocus


    local animationManagerWindow = false local replaceAnimationLabel, playAnimationLabel = nil, nil local restoreDefaultsButton, stopAnimationButton = nil, nil local replaceAnimationGridList, playAnimationGridList = nil, nil local isShowingAnimationBlocksInPlayGridList = true local currentBlockNameSelected = nil local isLocalPlayerAnimating = false local function PopulatePlayAnimationGridListWithBlocks () isShowingAnimationBlocksInPlayGridList = true currentBlockNameSelected = nil guiGridListClear ( playAnimationGridList ) -- Add IFP blocks to the play animation gridlist f
  12. overlocus


    I using IFP_DEMO script but I don't want the animation window to open at the on Resource Start and on Player Join
  13. I want when i press the "M" button server plays a music, and when i press the "M" button again server stop the music. (MUSIC ELEMENT EXAMPLE) stopSound(loginTbl.sound)
  14. Is this script prove all player can see everyone's animations? Can everyone see each other's animations?
  15. I have custom walking animations. (ped anim) But this script seems only me too. No one else can see I want everyone can see all players animations see (Sorry my bad english.) local animTable = { ifp = {}, anims = { "abseil", (EXAMPLE) "WOMAN_walkshop", "XPRESSscratch" } } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() animTable.ifp["block"] = "ped" animTable.ifp["ifp"] = engineLoadIFP("ped.ifp", animTable.ifp["block"]) for _, v in ipairs(animTable.anims) do engineReplaceAnimation(localPlayer, "ped", v, animTable.ifp["block"], v)
  16. I have a custom hud script but when i use the F11 radar it is became visible. I want when i use the f11 it is become invisible.
  17. Is there no way to find this script?
  18. overlocus

    /me script

    I have a /me script, but I did not add it and I do not know where you are, how do I remove this script?
  19. overlocus

    /do script

    How can i find /do script?
  20. This is my spawnmanager script but i have a problem. addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() resetMapInfo() for i,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do spawn(player) end end ) function spawn(player) if not isElement(player) then return end repeat until spawnPlayer ( player, 835.6+math.random(1,5), -2081.6000976563+math.random(5,9), 12.59999961853, 180, 290, 0, 0) fadeCamera(player, true) setCameraTarget(player, player) showChat(player, true) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", root, function() spawn(source) end ) addEventHandler("onPlay
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