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  1. overlocus

    [HELP] Custom Animations

    Is this script prove all player can see everyone's animations? Can everyone see each other's animations?
  2. overlocus

    [HELP] Custom Animations

    I have custom walking animations. (ped anim) But this script seems only me too. No one else can see I want everyone can see all players animations see (Sorry my bad english.) local animTable = { ifp = {}, anims = { "abseil", (EXAMPLE) "WOMAN_walkshop", "XPRESSscratch" } } addEventHandler("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() animTable.ifp["block"] = "ped" animTable.ifp["ifp"] = engineLoadIFP("ped.ifp", animTable.ifp["block"]) for _, v in ipairs(animTable.anims) do engineReplaceAnimation(localPlayer, "ped", v, animTable.ifp["block"], v) end end )
  3. overlocus

    [HELP] Hud script

    I have a custom hud script but when i use the F11 radar it is became visible. I want when i use the f11 it is become invisible.
  4. overlocus

    /me script

    Is there no way to find this script?
  5. overlocus

    /me script

    i didn't understand
  6. overlocus

    /me script

    I have a /me script, but I did not add it and I do not know where you are, how do I remove this script?
  7. overlocus

    /do script

    How can i find /do script?
  8. overlocus

    [HELP] Spawnmanager script

    This is my spawnmanager script but i have a problem. addEventHandler("onResourceStart", resourceRoot, function() resetMapInfo() for i,player in ipairs(getElementsByType("player")) do spawn(player) end end ) function spawn(player) if not isElement(player) then return end repeat until spawnPlayer ( player, 835.6+math.random(1,5), -2081.6000976563+math.random(5,9), 12.59999961853, 180, 290, 0, 0) fadeCamera(player, true) setCameraTarget(player, player) showChat(player, true) end addEventHandler("onPlayerJoin", root, function() spawn(source) end ) addEventHandler("onPlayerWasted", root, function() setTimer(spawn, 1800, 1, source) end ) How can i change spawn skin? I want the starting character to be the character before the die. pls help
  9. overlocus

    [HELP] command help

    How can I hide the radar, hud and chat?
  10. overlocus


    How can i hide radar and hud and chat
  11. overlocus

    [HELP] Prone Script [Z]

    Hi guys, im looking for prone script I want this thing in the picture I saw this script in MTA PUBG
  12. overlocus

    [HELP] time command

    It doesn't work I want the players not to use this command over and over the command can only be used once per minute.
  13. overlocus

    [HELP] time command

    I have no idea how to do it.
  14. overlocus

    [HELP] time command

    Help please
  15. overlocus

    [HELP] time command

    Thanks for helping me. Could you add it to my code? or can someone else help?