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  1. How can i clear server history on server browser? https://prnt.sc/o1hzar
  2. I have no knowledge of what happened here.
  3. I can't jump too high on a Bmx bike, as if an add-on is preventing me from jumping high. Does the BMX bike have a plug that I can jump higher?
  4. I want hide my scripts with .cmf extension. DayZ servers hide their scripts with an .cmf extension. How can i hide my scripts with .cmf extension? https://prnt.sc/lvnmyp
  5. I don't want fileDelete function because players don't want download server scripts again Do you have an another suggestion? MTA PUBG servers how hide their scripts? I want like their.
  6. I want my files not stolen from the my server. How can I hide my files?
  7. I didn't find default mta login system where is it?
  8. How can i make invisible or remove this text?
  9. Hi everybody i have a problem. I removed some buildings with the mta map editor. But when it gets dark the lights of the building create a ridiculous image. Can you help me find a solution? IMG FILE
  10. overlocus


    I don't know why, but I've been banned from MTA for one day. Reason: TRAINER How can i unban?
  11. overlocus


    local animationManagerWindow = false local replaceAnimationLabel, playAnimationLabel = nil, nil local restoreDefaultsButton, stopAnimationButton = nil, nil local replaceAnimationGridList, playAnimationGridList = nil, nil local isShowingAnimationBlocksInPlayGridList = true local currentBlockNameSelected = nil local isLocalPlayerAnimating = false local function PopulatePlayAnimationGridListWithBlocks () isShowingAnimationBlocksInPlayGridList = true currentBlockNameSelected = nil guiGridListClear ( playAnimationGridList ) -- Add IFP blocks to the play animation gridlist f
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