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  1. wheelkid is the gayest fucking piece of donkey shit that this forum has had the displeasure of having register. theres a fucking new definition of retarded defined by his fag0try ,i hope he gets hit by a fucking egg truck and dies. He is one serious fucking sadact and attention seeks more than doon. Pos bastard should get a fn hobby
  2. maybe run a search on your drives for trainer as even some file named "personal trainer" could prolly set it off.
  3. mm..i thought you actually had to ask to becmoe one except for cheat/modz0rs
  4. ..yea but its really not a rank as much as a declaration
  5. its sarcasm but you being the forum idiot you would agree with it
  6. sometimes a stubby bullet trail synchs from no-where right next to me..never hit me yet tho
  7. heres a lil q+a from their site Will GTA:San Andreas allow for the use of alcohol, drugs, and/or tobacco products? If yes, what effect will they have on gameplay? (Lostboy) We feel a little adulated to reply to this question, but in fact, yes, you can consume some amounts of illegal drugs. Though this will remain under raps for now. We can officially confirm this is doable in its own right. It may even lead to some more drug related activities too, but for the time being, this is what will be said. What movies were the primary influence behind GTA:SA (I.E. What movies should GTA fans be wat
  8. no the reason aol is hated so much is becaused the program allowing you to connect or run your dsl (waol.exe) is a huge hogger of bandwidth
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