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  1. لعاد ترسلي خاص. يمديك تحذفه من resource/[gameplay]/scoreboard.zip دور هنا كل شيى تغاه https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources
  2. هاذي وظيفه تلغي الحدث اذا استخدمت انت addEventHandler مثال كلينت addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerDamage", getRootElement(), function() cancelEvent() end ) ضفنى حدث الي هو يدمج الاعب "onClientPlayerDamage فتحنا فانكشن بعدين نحط بداخله كنسل يعني اذا لاعب يدمج راح يلغي الحدث. نفس شيئ ب سيرفر بس في ارجيمنت اول بيكون bool يعني true او false اذا true = راح يكنسل الحدث واذا false = مراح يكسنل الحدث وارجيمنت ثاني السبب. راجع ويكي https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/CancelEvent مو كل شيئ فيديوات + قسم غلط لو عندك وقت او اجازه شيك علي ويكي مراح تخسر شيئ
  3. thx guys i can save player name? on getaccountdata/setaccountdata? functions: setPlayerName getPlayerName i don't know if work. setAccountData(playerAccount, "playerName", newName) -- when player press button and get event (newName) from triggerclientevent to save it in setaccountdata function lobby.load(_ theCurrentAccount) local newName = getAccountData(theCurrentAccount, "playerName") -- get account data if player login if newName then setPlayerName(source, newName) end -- setplayername print(newName) -- this for test but doesn't work in debug write me false end
  4. thx. u mean like this addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root, function(_, theCurrentAccount) local acc = getAccountData(theCurrentAccount,"AccountPlayer") if acc then setAccountData(theCurrentAccount,"AccountPlayer",true) end end)
  5. hey, i won't to use SQL to save data. account player but but is this the way to save data account player and if entry he gets data account? my code: function lobby.save(newName, newAge, newCountry, player) if not isElement(player) then return end local thisAccount = getPlayerAccount( player ) if thisAccount then setAccountData(thisAccount,"AccountPlayer",newName) setAccountData(thisAccount,"AccountPlayer",newAge) setAccountData(thisAccount,"AccountPlayer",newCountry) print("done save in data") else print("failed to save in data") end end addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root, function(_, theCurrentAccount) local acc = getAccountName(getPlayerAccount( source )) if acc then getAccountData(theCurrentAccount,"AccountPlayer") end end) EDIT: how check if is new account ?
  6. thePlayer مفروض تكون ب سرفر سايد وذا الكود حق الكلينت سايد عشان تجيب حدث التيم الاعب استخدم setElementData getElementData
  7. i am trying to use theSkin event in the table and it did not work I did this function test () local theSkin = getElementModel (localPlayer) end however problem is that there was no event in theSkin when i inserted it into the function I did it like this local function test () local theSkin = getElementModel (localPlayer) end same thing I just want to enter getElementModel inside the function and make it read in the table how? btw table under function test
  8. hey, i have a question why getElementModel can't find a skinid when he changes it?, i used some setElementModel. and could not find the skin number (getElementModel) from createPed Functions.skinID = {280,281,282,265,266,267,283,284,285,286,288} skin = createPed ( Functions.skinID[1], 2749.7502441406,-2232.7170410156,61.727611541748,60 ) function skins() setElementModel(skin,Functions.skinID[math.random(#Functions.skinID)]) end addCommandHandler("changeskin",skins) local theSkin = getElementModel( skin ) function test() print(theSkin) end addCommandHandler("skin",test)
  9. سمعت انه يمديك تتحكم من المود داخل سيرفر عن طريق اللوحه اللي صممتها ب سي شارب مأدري اذا هاذي ...
  10. this topic is too old I think it closes better
  11. مبتدئ ب سي شارب ايش برنامج استخدمه عشان اسوي كذا أعتقد visual studio او شيئ كذا سوي شرح كيف ربط لأهنت C# -> Lua او عكس
  12. EDIT: it's work with table.sort thanks guys
  13. do you mean like this? local theplayers = {} for i,player in pairs(players) do local thetables = {name = getPlayerName(player), alive = getElementData(player,"state") == "alive", points = getElementData(player,"ThePoints") or "0"} table.insert(theplayers, thetables) table.sort(theplayers, function(a, b) return a.points > b.points end ) end
  14. i just want to know in your code how set that in dxDrawText like what say in above if he got top value number move in place first
  15. how make the number if the highest moves the player in the first place like toptime). what do I use? Loop and executeSQLQuery?