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  1. احب ذا شخص مدري ليش
  2. xFabel

    MTA Offline Wiki

    yes please this will help a lot of people
  3. لعاد ترسلي خاص. يمديك تحذفه من resource/[gameplay]/scoreboard.zip دور هنا كل شيى تغاه https://community.multitheftauto.com/index.php?p=resources
  4. هاذي وظيفه تلغي الحدث اذا استخدمت انت addEventHandler مثال كلينت addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerDamage", getRootElement(), function() cancelEvent() end ) ضفنى حدث الي هو يدمج الاعب "onClientPlayerDamage فتحنا فانكشن بعدين نحط بداخله كنسل يعني اذا لاعب يدمج راح يلغي الحدث. نفس شيئ ب سيرفر بس في ارجيمنت اول بيكون bool يعني true او false اذا true = راح يكنسل الحدث واذا false = مراح يكسنل الحدث وارجيمنت ثاني السبب. راجع ويكي https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/CancelEvent مو كل شيئ فيديوات + قسم غلط لو عندك وقت او
  5. thx guys i can save player name? on getaccountdata/setaccountdata? functions: setPlayerName getPlayerName i don't know if work. setAccountData(playerAccount, "playerName", newName) -- when player press button and get event (newName) from triggerclientevent to save it in setaccountdata function lobby.load(_ theCurrentAccount) local newName = getAccountData(theCurrentAccount, "playerName") -- get account data if player login if newName then setPlayerName(source, newName) end -- setplayername print(newName) -- this for test but doesn't work in debug write me false
  6. thx. u mean like this addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root, function(_, theCurrentAccount) local acc = getAccountData(theCurrentAccount,"AccountPlayer") if acc then setAccountData(theCurrentAccount,"AccountPlayer",true) end end)
  7. hey, i won't to use SQL to save data. account player but but is this the way to save data account player and if entry he gets data account? my code: function lobby.save(newName, newAge, newCountry, player) if not isElement(player) then return end local thisAccount = getPlayerAccount( player ) if thisAccount then setAccountData(thisAccount,"AccountPlayer",newName) setAccountData(thisAccount,"AccountPlayer",newAge) setAccountData(thisAccount,"AccountPlayer",newCountry) print("done save in data") else print("failed to save in data") end end addEventHandler("onPlayerLo
  8. thePlayer مفروض تكون ب سرفر سايد وذا الكود حق الكلينت سايد عشان تجيب حدث التيم الاعب استخدم setElementData getElementData
  9. i am trying to use theSkin event in the table and it did not work I did this function test () local theSkin = getElementModel (localPlayer) end however problem is that there was no event in theSkin when i inserted it into the function I did it like this local function test () local theSkin = getElementModel (localPlayer) end same thing I just want to enter getElementModel inside the function and make it read in the table how? btw table under function test
  10. hey, i have a question why getElementModel can't find a skinid when he changes it?, i used some setElementModel. and could not find the skin number (getElementModel) from createPed Functions.skinID = {280,281,282,265,266,267,283,284,285,286,288} skin = createPed ( Functions.skinID[1], 2749.7502441406,-2232.7170410156,61.727611541748,60 ) function skins() setElementModel(skin,Functions.skinID[math.random(#Functions.skinID)]) end addCommandHandler("changeskin",skins) local theSkin = getElementModel( skin ) function test() print(theSkin) end addCommandHandler("skin",test)
  11. سمعت انه يمديك تتحكم من المود داخل سيرفر عن طريق اللوحه اللي صممتها ب سي شارب مأدري اذا هاذي ...
  12. this topic is too old I think it closes better
  13. مبتدئ ب سي شارب ايش برنامج استخدمه عشان اسوي كذا أعتقد visual studio او شيئ كذا سوي شرح كيف ربط لأهنت C# -> Lua او عكس
  14. EDIT: it's work with table.sort thanks guys
  15. do you mean like this? local theplayers = {} for i,player in pairs(players) do local thetables = {name = getPlayerName(player), alive = getElementData(player,"state") == "alive", points = getElementData(player,"ThePoints") or "0"} table.insert(theplayers, thetables) table.sort(theplayers, function(a, b) return a.points > b.points end ) end
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