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  1. hello there I think that I am banned in Discord server mta cuz of what I really forgot about the problem i left from the game about 1.5 years due to circumstances and came back a month ago, but I would like to apologize to what I did previously of a problem that was banned and I want to say I am v.sorry. I would like to request unbanned me and thx my discord account: ! Yukino 熱い#5613
  2. I tried created a road in using 3DS Max. when I finished I added Material Textures. On the way and after I extracted COL + DFF, since I don't have TXD, I tried to run COL + DFF by using functions on wiki mtasa. engineLoadCOL and engineLoadDFF but the problem did not come to me correctly really cracked my head I tried to discover a bug cuz the first time i'm use 3ds Max and did not find a solution, where trouble? how i fix that? Screenshot 3DS Max: Screenshot In-Game: Only inside a game I see a small object that is incomplete and I am sure that I extracted them
  3. i tested and this one worked thanks a lot :DD setPedAnimation( localPlayer, "CARRY", "crry_prtial")
  4. there is a lot of animations in mta sa. https://wiki.multitheftauto.com/wiki/Animations It is difficult to find this ID name anim. something like taking an object?
  5. ty guys I was needed a part of camera that followed ("Element") and found the solution addEventHandler("onClientRender", root, function() local ox,oy,oz = getElementPosition(army1) setCameraMatrix(ox,oy,oz,ox,oy,oz) end)
  6. hey i would like to make camera . on other position and i'm use setCameraMatrix and i created that ped start movements. but i want make cam follow ped when his move . what should i use on functions? --if this ->> setCameraTarget + attachElements? and how will be?
  7. trust me nothing happen addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", marker_auto_teleport_botscars, function(hitElement) -- get element 1 parent from group thats i created above if hitElement == pedveh1 and getElementParent(hitElement) == group then --part check if ped in vehicle try to hit marker if (isElement(pedveh1)) and (getElementType(pedveh1)=="ped") and (getElementModel(pedveh1)==0) then -- here problem text spam me 2 if second car behind firstly and also touching the marker outputChatBox("vehicle touched 1") end end end) should I know hitElement for
  8. I didn't understand exactly where wrong please check my new code local group = createElement("pedsbots") setElementParent(pedveh1, group) --setElementParent(pedveh2, group) --setElementParent(pedveh3, group) --setElementParent(pedveh4, group) addEventHandler("onMarkerHit", marker_auto_teleport_botscars, function() -- get element 1 parent from group thats i created above if getElementParent(pedveh1) == group then --part check if ped in vehicle try to hit marker if (isElement(pedveh1)) and (getElementType(pedveh1)=="ped") and (getElementModel(pedveh1)==0) then --
  9. i shortened everything first time i used setElementParent and createElement. but I have a problem with the vehicles not moving now when i touch the marker and btw I used the triggerClientEvent to call the onControlState function and my code I did above correct or no? it did not give me any error --client side addEvent ( "onControlState", true ) addEventHandler ( "onControlState", resourceRoot, function () setPedControlState ( source, "accelerate", true ) end ) --server side marker_auto_teleport_botscars = createMarker(-759.40002441406, 126.5, 41,"corona",4,0,0,0,0) teleport_part =
  10. hey i did not understand here, why vehicle "3" and "4" if it hit marker, nothing happens? only vehicle "1" and "2" work? I tried to make it through the ped that did not work for me, but if I changed botvehicle 2 -to-> botvehicle 3 it would work 3 I would like them to work all also i didn't get any error in debugscript my line: marker_auto_teleport_botscars = createMarker(-759.40002441406, 126.5, 41,"corona",4,0,0,0,0) botvehicle1 = createVehicle( 405, -688.45050048828, 132.56692504883, 41.400001525879, 0, 0, 95.99853515625) botvehicle2 = createVehicle( 547, -651.70001220703, 135.69
  11. I switched everything on the server side, but is there function to let ped move a car ? such as setPedAnalogControlState :((
  12. i know but have u see my question down? tried it on onClientMarkerHit nothing happen does it mean only works with onMarkerHit?
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